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How To Use Your Mind Power For Instant Successes Easily

Evelyn Lim

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Just as you can harness it to power your quest for long-term success, you can also use mind power to create the instant successes and small victories that serve as building blocks to your success.


Persistent affirmations will help you shape your thoughts. It is important to always radiate positive messages and muffle negative messages. Pay attention even to the phrasing: the message must be phrased in a positive manner. Instead of saying “I don't want to fail, " you can state positively, “I want to succeed. "


Using mind power requires that you have a positive attitude. La vida es bella. Life is beautiful and each moment is the only one you have. Focus your mind on the good things in life that you can celebrate about. By doing this, you sharpen your senses to be alert to the many possibilities for celebrating life, whether it is something as monumental as falling in love or as mundane as writing a good report for the boss.


A smile takes so little effort (only 15 muscles are involved versus 72 muscles for a frown) yet it does so much. The recipient of the smile will feel good. But just as important it makes you feel good. That simple smile will stimulate increased production of hormones that not only affect your mood but also reduce stress and strengthen the immune system. Hormones like serotonin and other endorphins are triggered by your smile, and these in turn trigger other brain chemicals that radiate throughout your body telling every cell that you are happy. A smile makes visible to everybody the positive power of mind that you have harnessed. And because they smile in turn, they too will enjoy the benefits of the smile.


If you have children in your life, you will find that a positive use of mind power can whet your appetite for nurturing your relationship with your kids. When you generate positive thoughts with your mind, you gain more energy and feel more generous with yourself. Your children will perceive this and they will relish the quality time you spend with them. In their eyes, you grow in stature as a parent and they grow in self-confidence as they bask in the love that you show them. When you nurture your children, everyone benefits, not least you.


As you use mind power for instant successes and change your life, your elevated energy, more positive outlook, and generosity of self will radiate towards others. As you have already seen, your smile can be infectious and can produce more smiles. You will realise that you are touching other lives and that you are making a difference. You will find you are empowering them, making them more able to express themselves to you.

The instant successes you can achieve with mind power reinforce the long-term success goals you have set. This will increase even more the likelihood of achieving what you want. Mind power creates its own momentum once you start. But that is the key: you have to start.

Evelyn Lim is an author of self help articles on topics such as positive thinking, attracting abundance and becoming more happy. For a free report on How to Manifest What You Want, a 7 part email course on attracting abundance, and more tips on positive daily affirmations , please sign up to her newsletter at .


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Subconscious Mind Getting What You Want With Mind Power!
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