Have Some Fun! Why Are You So Negative?

John Di Lemme

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As many of you are out there today building a dream and taking your daily action steps to achieve your Why, you are going to run across a lot of negative people.

A few weeks ago when I spoke with Mark Victor Hanson and Jim Rohn live on stage, Mark Victor Hanson made the statement that 97% of people are failing in life. This means that 97% of people are negative so have some fun!

As you are building your business, you are going to have people get in your face, and they are going to reject you. Negative people are going to say negative things to you.

What you want to do is immediately take the offensive step. Say to them,

“Why are you so negative?"

What occurred in your life that your belief structure is so low? When I speak my dream, discuss where I am going in life and the goals that I have for my family, why do you make a negative comment? What occurred in your life that has sustained your negativity?"

At that point, they have to converse about why they are so negative. Then say, “Hey, you know what you need to do? Instead of knowing why you are so negative, Find Your Why!"

'Why are you here? You are here for a reason. '

Turn the negativity into a positive for you. That is the ability to take control of your future, control of your destiny and control of where you are going. You have the right to control your future so have some fun! When someone is really negative simply ask them,

“Why are you so negative?”

Take control of their negativity!





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