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Same thing, same thing, same thing, everyday seems to be like the one before it, the only problem with that is it puts us in a situation where we take so many things for granted that our life becomes boring and we get into a funk of blah, blah, blah.

Life does not stop for anyone, regardless of age, income or where we live, the goal is to live everyday that we are alive and enjoy whatever comes our way. I know sometimes it’s hard to see through the muck of life’s problems, but the other side of the coin is if we don’t look through the muck we will never see the clearing. In the following article I will share with you some skills that I use and have helped me enjoy everyday whether it’s bad or good, in terms of problems that arise.

What’s Important in Your Life?

Before we go any further you need to grab a pen and paper, I’m going to ask you to make 3 different lists:

1. Priority List.

2. Gratitude List

3. Success List

Priority List: The purpose of this list is to help you identify the most important areas of your life to ensure that you are devoting enough time to these areas, failing to do so will leave you with feelings of regret, which will lead to not having a great day. I’m big on writing stuff down, there seems to be some magical element in writing things down, it somehow cements them into becoming reality.

Gratitude List: The purpose of this list is to keep our focus on the great things in our life as opposed to the not-so-great things in our life. We did this a couple of weeks ago with our children and we ended up having 3 full pages, 2 columns on each page, it’s amazing what my children came up with that I never gave a second thought. Toothpaste, running water, sneakers, bread all of the essentials that we take for granted, I cover the gratitude list in my book Life Balloon, it actually has the gratitude list done up already. This list becomes so powerful if you use it often enough, it’s one thing in life that you cannot over use, there are no bad side-effects only good ones.

Success List: The purpose of this list is to help you recognize the areas of your life where you are making progress, which help to make everyday a great day. The types of things you want to list are: any bad habits that you have successfully replaced with good ones, any goals that you have hit for the week or day, time spent in your ‘priority areas of your life’. The key to this list is writing down even the smallest of success, one of my clients does this list weekly and he reports that it has completely changed his attitude and reinforced his belief that he is moving forward in the areas of his life that he is working on.

To sum it all up, if you want things in your life to change: attitude, finances, relationships etc you must put forth some kind of effort to make them better, they will not get better just by wishing. Check out Life Balloon for some great life skills

David Wrobel is the author of Life Balloon, “45 Little Known Marketing Strategies That Will Have Your Business Leap Frogging Over the Competition" and countless eBooks. " David is also the Editor of Positive Press Newsletter. To get your free lifetime subscription head over to:


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How to Have a Great Day Every Day – Create an Attitude of Gratitude
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