Program Success By Remembering The Fleas

John Watson

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I hope you are fit and thinking positive. If you are not the following might help. This article contains a brief but very powerful message about how we program or fail to program success into our minds. It is well worth reading even if you have heard something similar before.

You may, for example, already have heard the famous story about the fleas that were put in a jar with a glass lid.

The fleas jumped as fleas do but kept banging their heads on the glass lid. They could only jump about three inches because of the lid barrier.

Eventually the glass lid was removed but the fleas still kept jumping only three inches high.

They had become programmed to believe that they would never jump higher than three inches. None of them escaped from the jar and none of them reached the height of 30 or more inches that they could easily reach.

Humans are exactly the same. We are programmed at an early age to believe that we will only be capable of making about £20,000 or $40,000 dollars a year by working hard from 9 till 5.

We may go throughout our entire lives holding this belief and never realising that we have the ability to make at least a million dollars a year or more by working less but in a different way. .

Such programming can be provided with the best of intentions by our parents, friends and even ourselves.

The programming does not only apply to money.

I programmed myself to believe that I was no good at maths until I actually started taking the subject seriously and realised that it was not as difficult as I thought. I had been struggling unnecessarily for a very long time.

For several years I have not used the radio/tape recorder in my car. I had lost the instructions for entering the code and believed I was not able to enter the code without these instructions.

This morning, I thought I would have a go anyway without the instructions. It took me about two minutes to enter the code successfully. I could now listen again to great self-improvement audio tapes as I drove along.

Negative self-programming had deprived me of the radio and the tape recorder combined with it for years. In other words negative programming can turn us into complete idiots!

Mercifully positive programming through reading the great positive literature of the world can turn things around. If you don't have time to read an entire book read just one chapter a day or read some of the many great articles on success that are readily available here and elsewhere.

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John Watson is an award winning teacher and fifth degree black belt martial arts instructor. He has recently written several books about achieving your goals and dreams.

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How to Bypass Your Conscious Mind and Program Yourself for Success?
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