Simplify Your Life! No Really...Simplify Your Life!


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We hear it every day.

“Buy this product, and simplify your life!”

Now really, how can buying and having more stuff make your life simpler and easier? I hear it from women all the time, “I have everything I’ve ever wanted, but…

“I don’t have time to enjoy it. ”

“I’m more stressed out than ever. ”

“I’m still not happy. ”

What I’ve discovered is the common misconception that we need more—things, tools, gadgets—to make our lives less complicated. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

I suggest that the road to simplicity is lined with what we cast off or stop doing. And I’d love to see the biggest pile be those items/concepts that enable us to “work more efficiently”. Have you noticed that “work more efficiently” just means “work more”?

Anything that makes your life simpler should pass the following test:

1. What is my initial gut reaction?

2. Does it allow me to do more of what I want to do vs. just do more?

3. Can I afford it? Not only in terms of money, but in terms of time, efficiency and stress?

If the latest gadget, service, consultant, whatever doesn’t pass all three tests—it’s not worth it!

Here’s a way to start simplifying your life TODAY.

Cross one item off your to-do list.

Go ahead, right now. Just cross something off and not think of it again. You can do it. You probably already have at least one item on there that you know you’ll never do anyway. So rather than subject yourself to the daily guilty of carrying it over, get rid of it!

Do this once a week (or once a month, if that’s more comfortable for you), and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much simpler your life becomes. Without buying one more thing.

(c)2005 Barbara Bellissimo.

Barbara Bellissimo is a women's life transformation coach, and author of the book, “Become Your Own Great and Powerful: A Woman's Guide to Leading Your Real, Big Life. "

Visit to get her no-cost special report-"Turn On Your Power and Lead Your Self to Greatness"-and her easy-to- use tools and ideas for leading the real, big life you want-right now!


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Ten Ways to Simplify Your Life
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