Is It Time To Clean Out Your Closet And Get Organized?


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Are you afraid to open your closet door because something may fall on your head? Is your closet so full of stuff that you can’t find what you need or worse yet, you have no idea what’s even in the closet? If so, it is definitely time to clean out your closet and get it organized.

Make sure you allow yourself enough time to complete the task. Once you get started, you don’t want to stop. Don’t let anything distract you from your task of getting the closed organized.

Now let’s get started. Take everything out of the closet one item at a time. As you take it out decide if you are going to keep it, give it away or donate it, or trash it. A good rule that I use is if I haven’t used the item in the last six months then it has to go. Keep your piles separated so that you don’t get mixed up.

Once everything is out of the closet then you can some storage units into your closet to add some space and help to keep things organized. If your closet only has a shelf and one rod to hang closes on, then it is a good idea to remove the shelf and rod and go out to your local home improvement store and buy one of those inexpensive closet storage systems. One this is installed; you will have doubled your closet space.

Now that the closet is ready, let’s get the items that you are keeping back into it. If you are using the two-shelf system now you may want to put all of your shirts on the top shelf and the pants on the bottom. I also group my items into different categories like: everyday clothes, eveningwear, and business attire.

Once you have everything inside the closet, step back and take a look at your handy work. Don’t forget to call someone to come and get the items that you are giving away or donating. And also make sure the stuff that is going into the trash actually makes it to the trash. DO NOT put it back into the closet! Enjoy your new organized closet you have earned it.

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Spring Cleaning - Time to Tackle Your Closet
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