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BOO! Is Your Clutter Haunting You? Declutter Now to Achieve Your Own Clutter Exorcism

Beverly OMalley

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You might never have thought that the words declutter and exorcism could be used in the same sentence! Clutter has a way of sneaking up on you and sticking around even when it is not wanted!!

While we usually think about the declutter process as “spring -cleaning", you can actually do it at any time of the year! Right now images of ghosts an goblins are everywhere so you might want to examine your own person clutter ghosts and goblins and do a little clutter exorcism yourself!

Since goblins have been called creatures that are constantly annoying, clutter can be classified as the goblins in your life. Physical clutter is anything that you have in your environment that serves no purpose and does not help you to live the life you want. In other words it is constantly annoying and holding you back. Goblins have a way of doing that! The entire purpose of a goblin is to annoy you and constantly remind you that you are not a good person.

Does your clutter do that to you?

  • Does clutter make you feel like you should have done something?
  • Does clutter remind you that you have failed t o do something?
  • Does your clutter make you feel guilty?
  • Does your clutter remind you of all the undone things in your life? or lost potential for things that might have been?
  • Does your clutter scare you (BOO!) and fill you with the fear of being a wasteful, ungrateful human being if you get rid of it?

Declutter now and exorcise your environmental clutter Getting rid of clutter will free you from the grasp of these annoying clutter goblins.

Take those clutter goblins and ask yourself those all important purging questions just as you would do if you were cleaning out your closet!

  • Is this item outdated or expired?
  • Have I used/worn this item in the last year?
  • Is this item a duplicate?
  • Does this item work to create the life I want?
  • Is this item in working condition?
  • Is this item worth the space it takes up in my house?

If you cannot manage this task yourself because of emotional attachments to some items:

  • do not touch the items.
  • have someone else hold each item and ask you for a decision. . . keep or not!
  • set a time limit for each item, and stick to it!

Those clutter goblins will use every trick they can to stick with you and annoy you in your life! Clutter goblins are energy thieves and they get their energy from you! Be ruthless! Declutter and exorcise now!

Physical clutter is not the only type of clutter in your life. Do you have thoughts roaming about in your head? Thoughts that repeat themselves over and over?

Mental clutter is another form of supernatural annoyance. These are the ghosts that are haunting you with constant reminders of things that need tending to or plans that should be put into effect.

The thoughts that form your mental clutter and haunt you every waking moment should be processed and dealt with so that you can help them move “toward the light!"

Here is how to declutter your mind and exorcise your mental clutter:

  • Write it down!! Use a journal, or a notebook, or a “to do" list but get those haunting thoughts down on paper. Writing it down gets those thoughts out of your head and gives them with another place to live.
  • Give those thoughts a voice. Use a tape recorder or a digital recording device or even just talk to someone else. Once those thoughts are out of your head and in the ether they will be less likely to haunt you!
  • Get active. You will be amazed at how physical exercise can bring clarity and focus to you mind!

So there you have it. . . . . an exorcism for your clutter ghosts and goblins. At this time of year, or any time of year you can achieve more freedom and peace of mind if you declutter and simplify your life.

Boo! If your clutter is haunting you, declutter now. . . it is time for a clutter exorcism!

Beverly Hansen OMalley invites you to view the information at for further insights into the real costs of clutter and how a disorderly and chaotic environment carries real risk on the physical, emotional, and spiritual level.


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