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Home Organization Tips - Don't Take Shortcuts

Cindy Shaw

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One of many useful home organization tips is to be careful when taking shortcuts. Have you ever decided to take a short cut on a trip and ended up getting lost? That is so frustrating. Taking short cuts while organizing your home can cause frustration down the road. The end result will turn out much better if we do things right the first time.

Take sorting your belongings for example. Instead of seriously thinking about each item, you may want to skim through things and only remove what you haven't used in years. That is a good start, but what about the rest of it? If you take the time to pull everything out of the drawers and cabinets, you may see more things that you can part with. This simple step may take a little longer than just a quick glance, but it will be worth it. You won't have to go through this same step a few months from now when things are too cluttered again.

Clear out the clutter, and put it where it goes right away. This is one of the most basic but important home organization tips ever. After you have cleared the clutter, go ahead and dispose of it properly. It may be easier to stash things away in the basement or attic. This only means you will have to remove it later. The best thing to do is put the donation items in your trunk and drop them off the next time you are out. Put the trash in the trash containers. If you are going to sell items at a garage sell, it's okay to store them neatly in the corner of the garage or basement. Label the boxes and make sure they don't remain there for another year. When you get several boxes, go ahead and plan a date for the sale.

Organize an entire area instead of just what is visible. If you take each area and turn it inside out to get every part of it neat and organized, you'll be glad you did. Yes, other people may only see the top of the kitchen counter, but you know what is stuffed inside the cabinets. You will feel better knowing you have done the job right the first time. Try these simple home organization tips to keep yourself from taking shortcuts. You won't have to go back later and start all over if you do it right the first time.

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