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The First Step To Simplifying Your Life

Linda Moon

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Most people have great intentions, but get bogged down in all the details of change. This doesn't have to happen at all. There are easy steps to follow, and always remember that you can take it as far or as little as you are comfortable with. There are extremes with every idea and our purpose is to show you some ways to help you start to lead a life much less complicated.

Let's have a good long look at one of the biggest expenditures, money plus environment. The big one to start with is the food budget.

The chances are, if you are running out the door to the store and going up and down the aisles just picking up this and that, you are wasting. Keeping a family fed with nutritious food without having to take out a mortgage is the top of the list in importance. It should be well planned and each meal should be given some consideration from the standpoint of nutrition and economics, as well as preparation time. The time considerations are important because of todays’ busy lifestyles. Don't get worried now because we are not famous chefs and just believe in simple, nourishing, and of course filling foods.

The First step is to go through all your cupboards, refrigerator and freezer.

This is as good a time as any to throw out those things that have been in there for years. You know the things that when you open the cupboard you say to yourself “I might need that someday" and meanwhile it has been there since the day you got married. You get the idea.
Organization is important so that you know where everything is and can get at it quickly without looking all over and then going out to buy it again, only to find out later that you had it in the house already.

Arrange your cupboards so that they are easily accessible. An example would be to have your spices in a rack or drawer near the stove where you will use them.

The dishes can be in a place as near the sink as possible.

Cereals and dry goods can be closer to the table area and constant use foods such as coffee, sugar etc. should be conveniently located.

Pots and cooking utensils should be out of the way, but not so far out of the way that you find it a hassle to get them out.

Tins are important and try to keep the vegetables, sauces etc. separate from the fruits and desserts.

This has been the biggest job you will do. You have taken the first step. You now have a grip on your kitchen. Enjoy the feeling of being organized. You are ready to take the next step and don't worry, it will be simple and powerful.

Get out a pad and pencil and take a kitchen inventory.

What you already have on hand

What you plan on doing with the foods you have on hand. What meals and how many do you have in the house at this moment.


Linda is a retired piano teacher in Toronto married to the retired Chief Works Supervisor of the Water Supply for Toronto. She is interested in all environmental issues, budgeting, homemaking, frugal living and shopping, recycling, reducing, reusing and all things green. Currently she is working on a project with her friend/partner on how to make your life more simple.

Linda has a golden retriever dog named Rusty and a cat named Dusty. She is also involved in The Therapeutic Paws of Canada and her Rusty will be a regular visitor at a nearby nursing home. When she has spare time, she likes to play the piano with her duet partner and also her husband.

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