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The ABCs of Organization

Annalaura Brown

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Do you feel like you desperately need some help with organizing your time, your house and your life? How about following these ABC's of organization to your success and sanity.
Action, organizing takes action. If you are going to be organized you must take steps to make it happen and do something. It does no good to sit around and wish you were organized. Take action and get busy.

Bills, organize your bills by making arrangements to pay all of the monthly ones online automatically. For those which you still feel the need to keep a paper copy, create a file folder system. Label the folders and keep them in a box in alphabetical order.

Computer - in today's technology age, the computer is your best friend when it comes to getting and staying organized. You can find all kinds of information on how to organize but you also can use it to store scanned copies of important documents in folders and much more.

Day planner - use one to keep your appointments and to do tasks straight. Even with the paper version, these classic standard planners offer a great way to stay organized with your time.

Everyday - Take a few minutes daily to work on organizing. If you are in a big mess, you may need to devote more time getting organized and then only a few minutes a day staying that way. Waiting until you are in a big mess, is one sure fire way to continue to struggle to be organized.

Folders - make sure that you have enough of these on hand to organize whatever papers you need to keep on hand as well as pictures to be put in photo albums.

Goals - get goals around being organized. Commit to the process and know that you will make it happen.

Housekeeping - make a reasonable effort to stay up to date with your cleaning and housekeeping and maintenance. You can't be organized if your house is a mess.

Internet - Use the internet to store copies of your photos and other non-private information which can cut down on the amount of paper you keep hanging around.

Jazz - Jazz up your life and organizing efforts with music. While working on organization projects listen to music to eliminate boredom.

Keepsakes - Find some unique ways of preserving and displaying any of these that you have. For example, you can have all of your videos and cds put on DVDs which take up much less storage and then you can use a storage unit or other larger space to keep the originals.

Laundry - Depending upon how much you have to do, choose either one or two days of the week and do all of your laundry at once on the same days of the week. If you have a large amount, it may be worth your while to do your laundry at a laundromat. That way you can do all of your loads at once and work on something else while the loads are running.

Mate - Do not hesitate to ask your mate or if you are single another person to help you. If you are in a big mess, this may be essential in order to get it done in a timely manner and to save your sanity.

Newspapers - You can often find helpful articles on household and organizational tasks in your newspaper. You also can find listings of people searching for items and you can sell off anything you need to get rid of yourself.

Ornaments - make sure to keep these all organized in one place. If you have a lot of these, you may want to come up with a clever and unique way to display them at times other than Christmas.

Patience - this is essential when organizing and digging yourself out of a big mess. Continue to work on it and it will become a reality.

Quilt - consider making one of these out of any scraps of fabric you have laying around the house and possibly including any old heirloom lace pieces or other fabric based items.

Recycle - Consider recycling anything that can be recycled. This is not only a great way to eliminate clutter but to also help out our planet earth as well.

Sachets - these great little packets can make your clothes smell good. How about making some with any extra spices or other scented powders you have lying around the house?

Timetable - create a plan with deadlines as to when you are going to work on certain tasks with deadlines for when they are to be completed.

Unessential - be strict when evaluating large piles of stuff. Be realistic about what you can keep and about what you really should get rid of.

Vacation - Every once in a while take some time for some kind of a vacation. Even if it is just a day at home watching movies or doing activities that you enjoy.

Walk - take some time during the middle of a big project to go for a walk in order to relax and get out of your house.

Xchange ideas with friends, neighbors and family members about how they organize their things as well as their time.

Yard sale - There is no better way to rid yourself of unwanted stuff than a good old yard sale.

Zeal- Work on becoming an organized person with zeal and enthusiasm and it will happen.

AnnaLaura Brown is a successful home business owner who also prides herself at being very well organized. She runs her business on the internet while also working full time. Learn more about her story and her business at

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