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Organize Your Life Using Stars, Trees and Chains

Shafir Ahmad

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We all are in constant need of organizing our lives in a better way. Sometimes, scribbling on the back of the envelope works for us. Other times, creating detailed charts and diagrams might work. Or even to use some graphical software to map out our lives and our thoughts.

There are various different graphic organizers and software available as you can care to find. These graphic organizers are methods and systems that are used to collect and process thoughts, ideas etc into an effective and displayable system. This helps to create some order and flow to the normal chaos that we live in.

There is one interesting side effect of putting our thoughts and ideas onto such a system. By the very act of creating some semblance of order from the chaos, we can generate many more ideas and thoughts just from the different perspectives that we have gained from looking at the material in a new light.

When we do use the systems properly, we can get so many new ideas and thoughts, and have a clearer picture of the overall goal and what it takes to get there. The overall management of out life, our time, and our effort can be maximized, thus increasing our efficiency and productivity, increasing our chances of success in whatever we are doing.

There are many different ways that we can represent our thoughts, such as the stick, the star, the map, the tree, and so on and so forth. The trick is to know which of these apply to our situation at any particular point in time and to use the appropriate method of mapping our ideas onto paper or onto software as the case may be.

And that brings us to a question of education - do we really know how to organize our life and information in the proper manner?

And now, I'd like to invite you to get free instant access to a 7-Part eCourse on Secrets To Better Time Management at where you can discover more ways to organize your life and to use your time effectively.

Shafir Ahmad of is the author of “The Experts Guide to Managing Your Time".


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Organize Your Life - Free Yourself From Clutter & Find More Personal Time
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