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5 Killer Ways to Use Printable to Do Lists to Get Organized and Accomplish Anything


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The human mind has such a short attention span, that allowed to let roam free, it will drift from one thought to the next, getting very little done. Just think about your own experiences. How many times have you had the best intentions in getting a particular task done, started off great, but never finished the project because it slipped from your conscious thinking? I know it happened to me countless times. It wasn't until I started using printable to do lists to get organized that I finally started to complete projects and tasks.

And the change was drastic! Let me ask you this: how many high priority tasks did you complete yesterday? My guess is that either you can't remember off the top of your head, or you didn't accomplish anything significant. Now, don't feel bad about this. Left on its own accord, the mind naturally moves from one thought/idea to the next. Not getting stuff done is natural, although not ideal for having a successful life.

Great men learn this firsthand. Being able to discipline your mind will put you far ahead on your path to success than any external factor. Here's where using printable to do lists to get organized comes into play: it is one of the most effective ways to harness your brain and keep it focused on the high priority tasks that you would like done.

Here are five killer ways to use printable to do lists to get organized and accomplish anything:

1. Prioritize your list. Starting with the most important task, place a number 1 next to it. The task with the second highest priority gets a number 2, and so on. Do this for all of the tasks on your to do list. This allows you to quickly scan your list and see where you should be putting your energy.

2. Work on one task at a time. I know people are big into multitasking, but I find that although tasks might be completed slightly faster, the quality of the work really suffers. So stick to one task. Start it, and make sure you finish it before working on another one.

3. Do the tasks in order of priority. If you really want to explode your progress, finish the highest priority tasks first. A task that has a number 1 may give you much more success than doing tasks 7, 8, and 9. And if you can only get one tasks done, make sure that its the one you have given the highest value to. Makes sense, right?

4. Print up several copies of your to do list each day. The more to do lists you have out and displayed, the less likely it will be misplaced and forgotten. I generally place my printed to do lists in areas of lots of traffic, so that I see them throughout the day dozens of times. Some areas that I suggest are: the refrigerator, your computer, the bathroom mirror, by the front door, your car, etc. The more I see the list, the greater the chances of me getting those tasks done.

5. Reward yourself. At the bottom of your to do list, write out a reward that you will give yourself if you can get all the tasks on your list completed. Sure, the psychological reward of accomplishment is great, but giving yourself a more tangible outcome may motivate you to get those tasks done. And it would be well worth it. If you made yourself a list of 10 high priority tasks that would really benefit you and you managed to accomplish them all, you should treat yourself a bit. This tip works especially well if there are a few tasks that you really don't want to do.

Don't let your mind be like the boat with no rudder, drifting aimlessly from day to day. Give it some direction by using printable to do lists to get your life not only organized, but much richer as well. Remember, you will be focusing on your most importance tasks. Not only will you get more done using printable to do lists, but you will be getting things done that will have the highest positive impact on your success.

Want to learn more about how to use printable to do lists to get organized today?

Visit my blog at to get more information on how to accomplish ANYTHING by using to do lists. Don't let another day go by without making any significant progress. Use this simple tool to improve your life many times over. Come to my blog to find out how.

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