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Betty Seeks Organized Living

Beverly OMalley

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On the topic of organized living I would like to share with you a story about my friend Betty. This story illustrates the real purpose behind organized living. When people ask the question “How to get organized?" the question reflects an inner feeling of not being in control. The real benefit of organized living is not neatness or tidiness. . . it is control!

Here is the story of my friend Betty

One day my friend Betty lamented that she was indeed disorganized and that she could use my help.

This statement really surprised me as I had never thought of Betty as being unorganized so I explored this further with her.

Me: “Betty, why do you think you are unorganized?"

Betty: “Oh my cutlery drawer is a mess. My kids tell me nobody has a cutlery drawer like mine. They think there is really some thing wrong with me that I do not fix it up. "

Me: “What do you mean your cutlery drawer is a mess?"

Betty: “Well everything is just thrown in there. All the knives and forks and things just in the drawer. My kids get really frustrated with it. "

Me: " Do you get frustrated with it Betty?"

Betty: “No. I don't have any problem with it. In fact, somebody gave me one of those drawer organizers once because they thought it needed tidying up and I used it for awhile, but it made me rather anxious every time I looked at it so I stopped using it!"

Me: " I see, so you stopped using the cutlery organizer because it made you feel anxious?"

Betty: “Yes, I think I was just afraid that I would put something in the wrong place, I like it better with everything just jumbled in there. I guess that way I cannot make any mistakes. "

Me: " So Betty when you go to get the cutlery to set the table for dinner can you find everything you need?"

Betty: “Yes"

Me: " And how long does it take you to find what you need to set the table?"

Betty: " Just a few seconds. . . . but you should see my underwear box!"

Me: " Your underwear box?"

Betty: “Yes, I do not use a drawer I just have a big chest that I throw all my underwear and socks in. It is all jumbled up!"

Me: " I see. We seem to have a ‘jumbled up’ theme going on here. Betty do you feel your life is jumbled up?"

Betty: “No!"

Me: “Betty do you feel you have control over your cutlery and your underwear?"

Betty: “Absolutely!"

Me: “And how long does it take you to find your underwear to get dressed in the morning?"

Betty: “Just a few seconds. "

Me: " Do you ever feel frustrated because you cannot find the cutlery you need or are you ever late for work because you cannot find the clean underwear you need in your underwear chest?"

Betty: “No to both questions. "

Me: “Would you consider your home to be neat and tidy. . . most of the time"

Betty: “Yes. "

Me: “Do you feel in control of your life, even your jumbled up cutlery drawer and underwear chest?"

Betty: “Yes"

Betty was pleased to learn and subsequently tell her children that she is not unorganized. She has a system for controlling her cutlery and her underwear! Just because others could not understand her system does not mean that she is unorganized.

Betty finally realized that she had already achieved organized living even though her children would tell her otherwise.

Betty was in control and would no longer feel compelled to ponder “How to get organized?"

My website offers insights into the fundamentals of organized living including one of the three simple truths which is that the goal of organized living is to be in control.


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