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The Emotional Aspects of a Cluttered Home

Austen Seekabow

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With things in our lives that completely overwhelm us, we seem to lose control to these demons, and also give away our hope. A messy and disordered house can be just as bad for our lives as many other serious problems, and threatens to consume us totally. It is not only difficult to relax in a cluttered home, but it can be a daily drain on our emotional and spiritual well being. These four emotional components of a clutter crisis will show you the damage excessive disorganization can cause in your life.

  • Guilt. When your home is cluttered and generally unclean, you will feel guilt. Guilt that you are not providing your family with the home that they deserve, that you are not meeting your responsibilities or that you are letting other problems interfere with your homes upkeep.

  • Embarrassment. You probably will not want people to come to your home, even close friends and family. The sheer embarrassment you feel for your homes condition causes you to panic at the very thought of having new people over to your house, or any kind of a group. This puts a significant hamper in your socialization.

  • Anger. At yourself and your circumstances. When there is a problem in our life, we often look for something to focus our blame and anger on. When it is ourselves that we are angry with, we cause much damage to our own spirits. Anger focused in the right way, on the problem, not on others or ourselves, is a very powerful tool.

  • Fear. You are afraid that the best in life will pass you by, that you will not ever be able to manage and control your home or life, and even what you do have will be lost. Fear usually just keeps us from doing the very things we need to do most for our lives to be happy and successful.

As you can clearly see, a clutter problem in your home has an impact in your soul, not just your surroundings. As you being to realize the control you have given to your clutter problem, and begin to take back your hope, you will begin to overcome the clutter in your life. There is hope, and this problem is not bigger than you.

Learn the 2 Big Secrets that prevents most people from effectively dealing with their clutter problems.

Hi, my name is Austen Seekabow, and I want to help you get organized. You can can find more of my articles about organization at ezinearticles, they will help you to clear the clutter out of your life and bring your hope back.


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