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Get What You Need Out of Life With Conversational Hypnosis

Bob Gillespie

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Conversational hypnosis is the skill and science of utilizing words to influence and persuade other people to think, do or feel as YOU intend on any issue. Is this immoral? That depends on whether you exploit this awesome ability for good or evil. For example, if you earned a black belt in Karate, does that justify attacking people just because you want to? Alternatively, is there anything evil about learning Karate for mental and physical discipline or for the purposes of improving yourself as a human being? If you bought a gun, you could choose to employ it to kill people OR you could purchase it for hunting, target practice or self defense if someone were to threaten your life.

In life, there are a lot of instances where we desire to produce something positive but we are stopped by others. Once in a while we are presented with chances to progress in sales, personal relationships, dating, negotiating, interviewing, etc. and we fail to succeed or don’t do as well as we had hoped just because we do not recognize the perfect thing to do or say at the perfect time. Those who have been instructed in conversational hypnosis almost always report new success in all their interactions with people. Just imagine being able to negotiate a colossal reduction on the price of a new automobile or charm your date to the point that he or she falls in love with you!

One of the realities of hypnotism is that one are never able to force someone do something they truly do not want to do. On the other hand, you can redirect anyone's time-worn patterns and belief systems that are preventing them from discovering happiness.

How does all this relate to you? By absorbing the skills of conversational hypnosis, you will become unstoppable in any situation and you can live life on your terms, not those of another person who may not have your best interests at heart. Living at the affect of other persons is a formula for a miserable life and, although you may not have recognized this before, there is a genuine and proven way out of your situation.

You may not think of yourself as a salesperson but, in reality, we are all selling all of the time. Perhaps you are selling your perceptions or where you would like to eat or perhaps you are attempting to show your date how clever, funny and irresistible you can be. Possibly you have been pulled over for a traffic violation and you intend to persuade the patrolman to let you go with a warning. Maybe you are asking for a badly-needed raise or interviewing for a job. How would you like to be able to have the other individual end up by giving you all you asked for at the end of your conversation? When you are employing conversational hypnosis perfectly, the other party will not be aware of it: Your skills will be completely camouflaged.

Does conversational hypnosis work on everyone? Yes, but some persons are more suggestible than others. That is why a well-designed education in conversational hypnosis will give you a large assortment of strategies you can exploit and will show you which skills to employ in each specific situation.

In this life, everything depends on possessing the information you require at the time that you need it. The only information that is worthwhile is information that brings you what you need. Once you possess the essential information you require, you must do only one more thing: You must take action.

Almost all people have dreams and goals but fail to do what is needed to make them be converted into reality. The reason for this is that the human mind likes to feel safe in familiar circumstances. Changing your life, however, means taking action and taking action can be uncomfortable, unfamiliar and even terrifying. Once you have mastered conversational hypnosis, there is never a question about taking action. This is because your schooling has pre-programmed you for success so you realize you will be successful before you even start.

Bob Gillespie

© 2011 Robert M. Gillespie, Jr.

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Bob Gillespie writes on many subjects including free conversational hypnosis. He is a full-time Internet marketer and author who lives on the island of Maui in Hawaii. Learn more about conversational hypnosis at Bob's blog at:

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