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Conversational Hypnosis – The Hidden Truth.

Ian Davis

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Conversational hypnosis refers to a process of hypnotizing someone without their knowledge. It relies upon the hypnotist using a set of predetermined phrases, gestures, facial expressions and vocal tones that allow them to implant suggestions in the subconscious mind of the person they are talking to. Used by leading figures in the business world, medical professionals, advertising agencies and motivational speakers around the globe, conversational hypnosis is a widely respected and scientifically proven technique.

However it is also the favored technique of “street hypnotists”, “stage hypnotists” and people with all the ethical fortitude of a starving rattlesnake. Generally these reprobates like to use their ‘power’ to convince unsuspecting victims that they would: A) really like to sleep with them; B) give them all their money; C) sign over the deeds to their house or D) all of the above. Unfortunately the image they portray of the conversational hypnotist as some sort of confidence trickster rather fuels the commonly held misconception of conversational hypnosis.

This is a source of frustration for those who recognise the potential of conversational hypnosis as a source of both great personal development and change as well as a fantastic tool for motivational speaking. The Fact that many within the Conversational Hypnosis field often refer to it as ‘Covert Hypnosis’ unfortunately contributes to its image as a “dark art”. It also goes someway to explaining why many are enticed to learn the techniques involved for less than honorable reasons.

Whilst the basic concepts of conversational hypnosis are easily accessible to most people, to truly master conversational hypnosis requires both commitment and some study. Until relatively recently exorbitant costs have meant high quality training has only really been available to professionals. However there are now a number of good quality courses available online. Whilst purchasing such courses inevitably mean some investment, developing the most powerful mind control technique known to science is worth the effort for many. Conversational Hypnotists can not only get personal satisfaction from using their skills but often also command high commissions for their services.

Another reason conversational hypnosis is sometimes considered to be based upon questionable morality is it's ability to work when the person being hypnotized is completely unaware of the process. Indeed conversational hypnotism works best under these conditions. Some hypnotherapists and others within the psychological treatment community argue that it is fundamentally wrong to carry out any kind of intervention without the subjects agreement. However conversational hypnosis has already been proven to be exceptionally effective in treating some long term debilitating psychological conditions, particularly addictions. Conversational hypnotherapists argue that the treatment process often covers more than one session and, providing that the subject has given their permission to the participate in the entire treatment program their awareness of specific hypnotic treatment sessions is irrelevant. They also point out that when you ask someone if they would like to rid themselves of their gambling addiction at the cost of having a few conversations with a therapist most leap at the chance.

As mentioned previously one of the most important aspects of successful conversational hypnosis is to ensure that the subjects remain unaware of the process they are undergoing. The better quality courses teach you the skills and techniques you need to use conversational hypnosis subtly. This can take some time to master as, inevitably, some of speech patterns used can seem a little awkward to the ear and can potentially raise the subject’s suspicions. If they become aware that you are trying to manipulate them they will become closed and defensive. This will make the process much harder (though by no means impossible).

So as you can see truth behind conversational hypnosis is not that it is some cheap trick favored by charlatans and perverts but rather a respected and empirically referenced psychological technique used by professionals the world over. It's image as a questionable practice used by drop outs as a substitute for social skills owes much to its misuse as averse its genuine potential and practical application.

About The Author
Ian Davis is an charity worker and part time author who lives happily with his family in the UK.
If you would like to know more about conversational hypnosis then go to Conversational Hypnosis Unveiled .

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