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NLP and Money - Abundance Galore


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Have you ever wondered what money is really? Is it just those green bucks which we exchange with people for goods or services or something else? Can money be attracted? Why do some people have such a lot of money and some don't? Rhonda Byrne's movie “The secret" tells us that 90% of the world's wealth is concentrated in 20% of the world's population! How and why? What do these people do differently? Can Neuro Linguistic Programming help you to make money? What is the relationship between NLP and money? These are all the questions which pop up in the mind of a common man who wants money but sees no means to increase his income. Here NLP can help in attracting money. However, here we need to examine our past relationship with money.

Most of us have grown up to believe that money can only be earned through hard work. This is a form of NLP that we have been exposed to through our family, friends and circumstances. Hence, this becomes our reality since we believe in it. However, there are many people who believe that money is simply a mindset and an energy which needs to be attracted. Hence, that becomes their reality. Here the relationship between NLP and money is simple. Whatever you program your mind to believe about money, you will see that reality being manifested.

Most people operate out of scarcity rather than abundance. You must have heard most people say “I am always out of money" or “I need money" or “I never have money". They say these words over and over again and it becomes their reality. On the other hand people who operate out of a feeling of abundance know that they will always get what they want. Hence these people consider money as always abundant and experience abundance.

If you want more money you need to change your mind set. You need to think about money as a means to an end and not as the centre of existence. Abundance simply means thanking the universe for everything and showing gratitude. IT means being happy in the present state so that you attract more happiness. This physical world is actually made up of photons or energy particles. Like the movie matrix, all is not what it seems. Man has the power to create his own reality. However, if you need to create your own reality and ideas, you will have to first trash the old ones. The subconscious mind is a difficult instrument. It tries to hold on to the negative ideas more than the positive ones. Years of conditioning have gone into creating your present thought patterns. Hence, to break this chain you need to use a powerful technique like NLP which can break your old thought patterns and guide you on the road to abundance and prosperity. Money can be attracted through NLP. Try using NLP to change your subconscious thoughts about money and see the difference it makes to your life!

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Law of Abundance and Materialism - Seeking Change By Focusing on Your Money
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