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Formula For Fantastic Hypnosis Success - How to Destroy Resistance With Stories

Perry Lai

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Telling stories leads to hypnosis success especially when you to do it using nested loops. Nested loops can be done at four different levels starting from basic to intermediate to advanced and finally master level.

The first two types of nested loops have taught you to create amnesia in order to safely seal your suggestions within the subject you are working with. Now you learn the next step to hypnosis success through nested loops, the advanced and master level nested loops. In this you will use the same structural processes as in the first two steps and adding refinements to those processes.
The first refinement you are going to make is to take the trance processes in intermediate nested loops a bit further. Now you use those same trances processes as in Intermediate nested loops, any of them you have learned previously, and use them in the actual stories you are telling.

During this you take each story you tell and use it as a trance process all in itself. This will create a much more powerful impact on your listener than simply using them in the suggestion phase.

However you can also use other tools such as metaphorical resolutions and pre-teaching within the stories you are telling. Either of these options, along with others you have learned, will set up a structural frame work that will help the entire nesting loop process to define a means at the end.

In the next refinement to hypnosis success through nested loops you will post hypnotic suggestion protocol to ensure the hypnotic influence even when you are not around to influence the behavior.

Finally you will close all your loops from end to beginning, you will still seal the amnesia within by incorporating emotional and complete stories.

The first thing you will do is add to your stories the conversation induction protocol. These are the conversational hypnosis inductions that were very indirect, these can be put to use here in your stories as well.

You can do this in two different ways; first you can simply create the structure of all the stories in a way that it follows one of those protocols. The other way to use this is to use a different protocol for each story to create a very elaborate and elegant set of loops that will likely guarantee a very deep state of hypnosis in your listener.

The second refinement you will add to create a master level nested loop is to add embedded suggestions to your process. This can be done in a variety of different ways. You can use them very directly; ambiguity, quotes, stacked realities or any of the other ways you have learned to embed suggestions.

Finally all intertwining and weaving to tell stories within stories are all to improve the lives of your subjects.

About the author:

Perry is a speaker, trainer, author and coach. He works with the largest personal development training company in Singapore.

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