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Learn to Hypnosis - Covert Hypnosis


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Learn to hypnosis, here are some tactics to get you on your way to learning covert hypnosis.

First of all, what is covert hypnosis?

Covert hypnosis: The act of bypassing the conscious mind while speaking.

Similar to hypnosis covert hypnosis is a way in which you hypnotize others without them knowing. Sure it does take a little bit of time in comparison to a rapid induction, but it sure works well.

What can be done? Anything imaginable! Want to get that girls number? Want to get an ex back? Need better grades? Hypnotize yourself! Want to help a depressed friend? All of this can be done. This is cool stuff.

Now what are some areas of covert hypnosis? How is it done? Here are some main ways to introduce trance.

Pacing and leading

This is the easiest tactic out there, and one of the most lethal. What you do is “Lead" your subject, for instance if they are sitting down you say “Now as your sitting here, talking to me, thinking to yourself, sitting comfortably" See right there? You just made them comfortable, usually they will shift weight when you say this.

So what? You may ask, this doesn't help or seem all that powerful. This does not seem a good way to learn to hypnosis.

You see you can build upon pacing and leading, usually by the end of a good pace and lead I can have anyone doing anything, for example I made one of my friends quit drinking pop to lose weight with this, immediately he threw pop out the window and sat back. All he could drink was water for days.

Confusion Induction

This is also simple, pace and lead someone up to a certain point and then pow! Confuse them, this one takes more work but man oh man, this is scary.

I once successfully took somebodies wallet with this.

Metaphors and stories

This is way complex stuff if you want it to be. Just looking up loops can give me a headache let alone creating my own. Yet this can be the most powerful, if you get someone entranced in a story, start pacing and leading them, you can almost control their mind entirely.

You need to slowly take them from one imagery to the next and have them let you be in control of what they see, after awhile they will be doing what you want.

Hopefully all of these things will help you learn to Hypnosis.

Hopefully this overview has taught you a few things.

If you want to learn more about these tactics just check out my website

It has a link to my own free basic course and reviews of what products I have found worth buying, and not so worth buying that do with covert hypnosis.

Learn more tactics at my website now.


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