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How to Do Hypnosis - You Need to Read This First


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By making use of conversational hypnosis, you can hypnotize people without them even know you are doing it. Conversational hypnosis makes use of subtle word usage, leading techniques, voice inflections, and facial inflections to induce a desired state of receptivity to your ideas in the other person.

The pioneering psychiatrist Milton Erickson was one of the founders of modern hypnosis, and he believed that hypnosis works through “confusion". He also believed that people could be deliberately confused by a skilled hypnotist (Erickson used hypnosis for therapeutic reasons), and that in their confused state they would enter a trance, even if still wide awake, within which they would become super-suggestible.

It should be noted that it is not possible to hypnotize people into doing something that violates any of their deeply held beliefs or instincts. So, you could not hypnotize a Christian into becoming a Satanist, and you could not hypnotize anyone into killing themselves. However, most people don't have very many true convictions-they remain more or less “gray" on most matters. They might have many opinions and many beliefs, but all of these things are open to alteration by the skilled hypnotist.

Forms of conversational hypnosis are actually used by high-powered sales professionals and by politicians. These people will frequently employ “neurolinguistics" in order to lead people to feel certain ways or look at topics from a certain point of view. Some people are more suggestible than other people, and these are the people who are most easily sold or most easily taken in by politicians’ words.

We can look at the uses of conversational hypnosis in psychiatry to get an idea of how it works.

In using conversational hypnosis as a psychotherapist, you would first create a rapport with the person. You do this by conceding that they are totally right; for most people, being right about something (in the case of psychiatric treatment, something that is self-harmful) is the most important thing in the world to them, event though they probably don't realize it. So, you blatantly agree with the persons oft-repeated statement of woe. If they say they are in a hopeless situation, you say, “you're right, your situation does indeed appear hopeless".

Once the rapport is established, the persons guard comes down, and you can now introduce the confusion. You do this by asking a question or making a comment that seems to contradict the tacit agreement you just gave the person. So you might say, “But just because a situation appears to be or is hopeless, that doesn't make it ‘impossible', does it?" Some people will be more resistant to this kind of questioning, though, so for them you would take a different tack: cause them to resist their own self. “You're absolutely right, there is no way out of your situation. Nobody could ever solve that problem you have; it just can't be done. You might as well just give up. " The person will actually resist that conviction, because of course she does not really want to give up; yet, she is so enmeshed in her problem that she was unable to be receptive to positive words of encouragement.

Once the person is confused, you can give them the suggestion that leads them in the direction you want them to go. With this, it is important that you use what are called “closed-ended" questions, and questions that contain the correct answer within them. For instance, now you would ask, “As hopeless as things may look for you, you really can solve this problem, can't you?"

Becoming a master of the art of conversational hypnosis can transform your entire life for the better. You can be self-confident when speaking; you can much more easily and effectively get other people to see your point of view or be helpful to you; you can defuse arguments and prevent terrible fights from happening; you can be motivational like you never have been before; and you can open up opportunities for yourself where before a door would have been slammed in your face.

But first, to use conversational hypnosis, you need to be properly taught. One of the best sources for this is this guide .


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