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Why Affirmations Don't Work!

Michael McGrath

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So what are affirmations and how can Affirmware make them always work?

Affirmations are declarations of intent. They are statements designed to help you change your thinking and attitude so you can make changes in your life. Much of the action we take in life is directed by our inner-talk. The small voice within that encourages us or, more frequently, berates us!

Affirmations are suggestions that are intended to reach the subconscious mind in order to effect inner change. As the subconscious mind is responsible for all our unconscious and automatic thoughts this is the place that change needs to happen.

Through the use of affirmations any desirable or positive attribute an be programmed directly into the subconscious mind so that any automatic behaviour is positive and directed towards a specific goal - as outlined in the affirmation!

The traditional way of using affirmations is to recite your statement of intent as many times as you can throughout the day until it seeps into the subconscious mind. The Emile Coué affirmation “Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better" is a perfect example.

Unfortunately reciting affirmations in a mechanical repetitive way is seldom very effective. Therefore, modern proponents of affirmations suggest you recite your statement of intent with positive emotion and create a mental picture of the desired outcome as having already been achieved. This seems to be a mixture of visualization and affirmations.

However, few people get positive life-changing results using this technique either. Why is this?

Well, the simple truth can be explained with an analogy. If you have a bucket filled with rotten fruit and then place on top of it fresh, juicy fruit what happens? The good fruit goes bad! This is reason that many people do not get great results with affirmations and also the reason why some others get negative results. Let me explain the analogy!

Your mind is the bucket. Your negative thoughts are the rotten fruit and your affirmations are the fresh fruit. When you pour positive life-changing affirmations into your subconscious mind that is littered with negative thoughts and emotions what do you think will happen? The good thoughts turn bad!

This is why it is essential to also remove the “bad fruit" from the bucket before you add the good fruit.

The best way to use affirmations is as a tool to root out and eliminate the negative thoughts and feelings that are responsible for your lack of success while at the same time reprogramming your mind with fresh, positive thoughts and emotions that create the changes you desire.

One such method is outlined in the Affirmware program Sculptor 3. Affirmware say you can use affirmations to call up the negative beliefs from the subconscious mind so that you can effectively remove them! It is suggested that through the Affirmware approach it is possible to reprogram your subconscious mind in as little as 12 days!

So does Affirmware really work?

The approach offered by Affirmware is certainly unique. You are not directed to recite affirmations all day. In fact you only use Affirmware for 10 minutes every morning!

Through a clever use of affirmations Affirmware directs you to, first enter your desired affirmation either from a pre-script or one you created, and then to finish some sentences when you are prompted. Due to the way Affirmware is designed you are forced to look at your own negative programming as it surfaces from your inner mind.

Affirmware then redirects your thinking processes and guides you into removing your negative beliefs. All the time you are being programmed with your new affirmation and subliminal messages that reinforce the work you are doing.

Although the Affirmware program itself looks rather cheap the power behind the work you are doing is truly amazing. If you stick to the 12 day plan and invest your 10 minutes each morning amazing things will start to happen. Not only will you feel empowered and positive but circumstances, situations and people will begin to guide you towards your goal with very little effort on your part.

Many people have achieved great results with Affirmware and you can read further reviews at Affirmware .


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