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My Mind Shift Binaural Beats Review - Online Binaural Beats Downloads


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Are you interested to find out more about how binaural beats can help you, and whether Paul Kleinmeulman audios can really help you? They are audio beats that can help you reap the benefits of hypnosis without the need to a hypnotist around. I have discovered that it is possible to achieve many wonderful mental states with them that help me become more productive in my life. The audios typically take up to take 10 minutes to work after listening to them.

1. What Are Binaural Beats Used For?

These audios have been scientifically proven, and can be used for many useful purposes which include increasing confidence, improving your sleep, maximizing your motivation etc. With very little time and effort, your mind can achieve any altered, hypnotic state that you want.

2. What Does My Mind Shift Binaural Beats Package Consist Of?

I came across this audio pack by Paul Kleinmeulman when I was looking for binaural audios to help improve my concentration, and I will say that they are very effective indeed. It consists of 12 different audios that can help you achieve the following mental states.

1) Increase Motivation

2) Increase Creativity

3) Increase Focus

4) Energy When Working Out

5) Increase Learning Ability

6) Increase Happiness

7) Increase Relaxation

8) Decrease Stress

9) Stop Panic Attacks

10) Positive Habit Reinforcement

11) Increase Energy

12) Easy Sleep

3. How Does It Work?

With a set of stereo headphones, the audios will play 2 different frequencies into your left and right ears. When your brain hears these 2 frequencies, it will produce a 3rd frequency called a binaural beat, which is the difference between the 2 frequencies you play. As this technology alters brainwaves in your brain, you can achieve the mental states listed above typically within 10 minutes.

Are Binaural Beats really effective and do they work? Visit to learn the author's experience of using the audios, and Click Here to Download My Mind Shift's Binaural Beats !


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Cosmic Consciousness and Binaural Beats
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