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Conversational Hypnosis - How to Use Conversational Hypnosis Techniques to Solve Problems

Michael Lee

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Conversational hypnosis is a very powerful tool to help solve people's problems and change their behavior. Whether it's overcoming depression, phobias, low self-esteem or other psychological challenges, applying conversational hypnosis can do wonders to cure these mental disorders.

There are 3 steps involved:

Establish Rapport

Find positive similarities that both you and the subject can relate to. The effectiveness of your conversational hypnosis efforts will depend on your level of rapport with the subject. So how do you build rapport? Imagine entering into the subject's body. Then contemplate: What is he thinking? What emotions or feelings is he hiding inside? What does he want to happen?

This method allows you to “take in" the personality, mindset, or attitude of the subject, resulting in better rapport.

Agree and empathize with your subject. If some bad event made him depressed, say something like, “What happened must have been really tough. I'd feel the same way if I were you. " Make him realize that you're on the same emotional level as he is.

Break the Pattern

The next step of this conversational hypnosis technique would be to disrupt his present flow of thinking. You could say something like, “What if an even better opportunity comes along?" This will allow his mind to open up to possible resolutions.

You can even do the opposite of this step but still yield effective results, as long as his train of thought is interrupted. Say something like, “It seems that no normal people can recover from a misfortune like the one you've just experienced. I can't think of a way to resolve this, can you?" He will likely oppose your views and prove you wrong by coming up with the answer to his own dilemma! (He'll probably want to prove he's no ordinary person too. )

Make A Suggestion

The last conversational hypnosis step is to make a presupposed suggestion. You can say something like, “Wow, you now look like someone who can tackle any challenges. " Make him realize how feeling miserable can bring about undesirable consequences; and how confronting the issue can release him from his “inner monsters. "

To summarize, the 3 conversational hypnosis steps to solve mental or psychological problems include establishing rapport, breaking the pattern, and making a suggestion. Hope you learned something beneficial from this article.

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