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Hypnosis Is Powerful, But Not In The Ways You Might Think

Dr. Boyer Cross

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Hypnosis is a way of directing your mind to bring you more of what you do want. Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state, it happens to you many times each day it will probably feel very natural expect to feel relaxed. . . Not necessarily “hypnotized" You can't get stuck in trance any more than you could get stuck sleeping. In a trance, your moral character and value system remain in place. ("You won't do anything against your morals") In a trance, you will most likely hear everything and be aware of things going on around you in the environment. Many people remember what goes on inside trance The Progressive Relaxation Induction One of the simplest ways to hypnotize someone is the “progressive relaxation" technique. Brain activity indicates that hypnosis can change brain function hypnosis taps the power of your subconscious mind, the part of you that runs your body, your memory and your habits. Hypnosis can help you to explore what brings you pleasure. Like Music it noisily announces itself, with alarms and pop ups designed to put you on edge

Music can trigger movements that other stimuli cannot, sometimes producing coordination out of chaos. It was stated that the brains of hypnotized people were more active when they looked at the gray-scale picture - than when they were told to see color. In that same note we as

Humans have the most complex brain of any critter on earth. Neural functioning and the action potential, an excellent introduction to information processing in the nervous system. Human behavior is based on feelings of care and affection for the young and for the family, and then for other people and the community. Human thought has a speed of 5,000 bits/sec and everyone understands that our brain cannot compete with supercomputers but Science tells us that particular areas of the brain carry out specific functions, so how do people with damaged or underdeveloped brains still function normally? .

Mind control techniques can and has been used for re-directing purposes. (For your information) Mind control technology in the USA is classified under “non-lethal" weaponry.

Many people still want know how they can hypnotize someone over time and with much trial and error experimentation, increased the number of neural components while constantly increasing the complexity of each. Hypnosis is powerful, but not in the ways you might think


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