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Self Hypnosis for Fun and Health

Keith Hall

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I am a great fan of hypnosis; I first learned/took classes in hypnosis for the yearly continuing educational component for a clinical therapist position I was holding.

I used it with some clients, I also used it on myself. Self hypnosis is a very excellent tool. I get to use this tool for many different applications with different levels/depth of hypnotic state or inner awareness. You too can learn how to use this tool.

Internal Timing

One of the light weight uses of self hypnosis is to set your internal time clock as to when you want to get up in the morning or from short naps. For the first time you use the self hypnosis for this I would suggest a medium depth trance for access to the subconscious. Then for later time settings you will probably need to use only a light trance to reset the internal alarm.

Sometimes for very special events that are especially early, I will set the physical alarm clock for three minutes after when I set my internal clock, as cheap insurance. Then get to turn off the alarm before it starts making noise and becomes rude. You too can set your internal clock to be dead on. It still amazes me how well this works.

Self Confidence/ Awareness

Going a little deeper, medium to deep trance for subconscious access, so that you can prepare yourself for some upcoming event, be it social, business or other. You can prepare yourself to be able to smoothly flow through the upcoming event with style and grace, especially if it is something new and unfamiliar. You can call it building self confidence for a new, unknown situation. It works well for just about anything you may want to apply it to. You are awesome, you just have to know that deep in your self, own it.

When you are going to a job interview for example. You have done your research on the position and determined that you would really like to work in that position, only you have some anxieties about the upcoming interview. This is a good opportunity to use self hypnosis to build /enhance your self confidence.

You know that you are totally capable of operating in this position to the benefit of the company, your being there would be a major benefit for them with your knowledge, expertise, personality and go for it drive. You set yourself into a medium to deep trance so as to open your subconscious. You then program yourself by validating your skill set and realize that no matter what they challenge you with during the interview, that you are totally able to handle the challenge in a cool, smooth manner and that you have easy access inside to answers to all of their questions and that you are able to suggest some subtle to major solutions to their problem.

You know that you are going to be offered the position, it is yours if you so choose.

You go through this process one or more times and review it just prior to going for the interview. Your self confidence is very much present with you.

You can use this process with other situations; like that first date with that special someone. Again, you prepare yourself to be present, in control of you and the situation and allow the real you to shine through, confidently.

You can even use self hypnosis for medical and dental pain control. These topics are covered in other articles.


The above experiences can show that self hypnosis is extremely beneficial. This is an excellent tool that any of you can use to help with your personal growth and development. Any of you can learn how to do this process. Removing old unhelpful habits and building new productive habits as well as improving your health. The range is limited only by your imagination. My experience shows me that the farther I grow the more uses I find for this tool.

What would you like to adjust, change, enhance, remember, or not have to experience pain around? Hypnosis works!

I am a Certified Hypnotist (14 yr) and a Clinical therapist for 12 yr.

I love hypnosis, it works usually so much quicker than regular talk therapy. I set up my Hypnotic Pro site to help people to realize that there is another safe and healthy way of taking care of ourselves.

How can I help you?

Visit my web site and read my blog. &


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