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Easy Hypnosis Method


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Hypnosis can be done with different methods. You can hypnotize someone using traditional hypnosis method ( Using swing watch), using positive reinforcement method and using conversational hypnosis method. Using swing watch also you can hypnotize someone. Hypnotists used to use swing watches in previous century. As time goes, many method has been introduced to hypnotize a person. Positive reinforcement is the easy hypnosis method you can use to hypnotize subject.

What actually a positive reinforcement method is? In this method you as a hypnotist use positive reinforcement to take subject in to trance state. The basic steps of hypnosis remains same. You ask subject to become relaxed. You give instructions how to be relaxed, in the mean while you give positive reinforcement that helps subject in becoming relaxed and thus you take subject in to trance like state. Once subject is in trance state you take a command of subject and give the suggestions.

Follow these simple steps to do easy hypnosis method.

1) In a dim light and silent room, ask your subject to sit comfortably in a chair.

2) Tell your subject to close eyes, to take a deep breath and to be relaxed.

3) Help your subject to become relaxed. Give positive reinforcement in between. You can say something like “Concentrate on right leg. Your right leg is becoming relaxed. Now concentrate on your left leg. You left leg is becoming relaxed. " Do same for all parts of body. To give positive reinforcement you can say “Good, you are doing right. " or “Perfect. you are doing fine. "

4) After your subject become relaxed and reached to trance state, you can take a command and give suggestions to your subject. Remember even in hypnotic state, you can not make your subject do any things which is against his or her moral.

I think this is the easiest method to hypnotize a person. Just follow few simple steps and subject will be under your control.

Do you know you can hypnotize someone just talking with them? Milton Erickson was the father of modern hypnosis. He discovered Conversational Hypnosis using which a person can hypnotize subject using just natural ability to speak. To know more about Conversation Hypnosis, visit


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