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Hypnotherapy - Why Zen

Derek Ayre

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I have been a practicing hypnotherapist in the UK since the mid 1970s. Around 1980 I attended a Zen workshop and was so impressed with it, that I became a Zen practitioner and incorporated its powerful teaching into my hypnosis practice and private life. However, there are many misconceptions about hypnosis and the way a hypnotist works, that I would like to use this article to tell you what hypnosis is and what it is not. . .

Hypnosis is not. . .being rendered unconscious (A hypnotist does not send his subject to “sleep" so that they lose consciousness)

Hypnosis is not. . .being subjected to another's will (A clinical hypnotist does not force his will on his clients)

Hypnosis is not. . . Sleep

Hypnosis is not. . . Dangerous

Hypnosis is not. . . Occult, paranormal, black magic, spiritism, etc. etc. (A hypnotist is just like any other regular person and does not use the paranormal)

Hypnosis is. . .

An altered state of consciousness that enables the subject to replace negative thoughts and behaviour patterns with positive ones. It is also a ‘tool’ to enable a subject to recover lost (repressed) memories that are causing unwanted conditions in life.

What can hypnosis be used for?

Hypnosis can be used for habit control: To help stop smoking stop, overeating nail-biting and many other unwanted habits. But more than this. . .

  • Hypnosis is an effective tool for stress management.
  • Hypnosis helps with phobias, fears, nervous asthma, *** problems, relationship problems, blushing, examination nerves, learning difficulties, business stress, grief, fear of flying, spiders, snakes, sports performance.
  • Hypnosis helps improve salesmanship, and so on, and so on. . .

Hypnosis is a powerful process to help increase motivation and really powerful way to help develop many skills, and increase general confidence. I also teach powerful techniques of hypnosis combined with Zen, to those who wish to enhance self-awareness and inner development.

© Derek Ayre. 2005

Derek Ayre is a registered hypnotherapist established in the UK in 1976. He became a Zen practitioner in 1980 and uses its powerful influence to help his clients both on and off-line.


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