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Is Hypnosis Mind Control a Form of Brainwashing?


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Brainwashing has a shady history. Commonly when we think of the term, we're likely to visualize cult leaders or even CIA spies who are intent on making other people bend to their will through a form of mental control. So is Hypnosis mind control a form of brainwashing? In essence, I suppose it could be considered such. After all, hypnosis mind control does intend to influence the mind of the subject and that is exactly what brainwashing does as well. But generally I think brainwashing has a lot more techniques involved than just hypnosis and its effects are longer lasting.

While some of our government agencies are frequently accused of practicing brainwashing, and maybe they do, there's no doubt that it is cults that are most known for practicing this form of mind control. Cults have many techniques designed to gain long term control over their members and ways of gradually changing them in such a way that they no longer think independently even when they are away from the cult. Techniques include hypnosis, love bombing, guilt, negative reinforcement and exploitation of any kind of emotional vulnerability until the cult member eventually becomes entirely dependent on the cult for their sense of self esteem and gives over all decisions about their behavior to the cult.

In addition to mind control techniques though, brainwashing usually also involves physical isolation and cutting people off from their loved ones, which is essentially a form of imprisonment. Basically the person who is being manipulated is being put into an extended period of stress over which they have no control and from which they cannot escape.

So what about hypnosis mind control? There are lots of people who will probably scoff at the idea that you can actually control anyone else's mind, but cults are clearly able to accomplish this and do so easily so if you meet someone who thinks the idea is nonsense, then you might want to point out all of the cults that have successfully done so for years.

Clearly hypnosis works and once you learn how to use them covert hypnosis techniques, you don't have to go out and establish your own cult. In fact, that's an abuse of these skills. It is possible to learn how to influence people without causing harm. Calling this form of influence “mind control" might be considered a bit hysterical at times, especially due to the temporary nature of most hypnotic techniques since they are often conversational in nature. The people you use conversational hypnosis on won't be walking around zombified, but there's no doubt that hypnotic techniques definitely work and they kick through a lot of resistance, especially if you are influencing someone to do something they actually wanted to do in the first place, i. e. , help you achieve your goals.

Ready to learn how to manipulate people's minds? You can learn hypnosis mind control techniques, featuring many covert methods of rapidly gaining rapport and making your hypnotic suggestions powerfully persuasive through everyday conversation.

Be sure to sign up for the free hypnosis course to learn how mass hypnosis is used to control you! Once you learn how brainwashing and mind control works, it is easy for you to not only combat it, but also to learn how to adapt the tools to use them yourself.


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