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How to Do Covert Hypnosis in 2 Easy Steps

Shane M. Wilson

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Hypnosis, generally performed in a quite setting, is utilized to aid people with certain problems they may have like, anxiety, fear, habits and even to deal with pain. Typically, this is performed by a hypnotherapist and is just a way of aiding individual's to relax their minds and block out distractions so that their mind is left open to suggestion. There are other types of hypnosis, however, such as covert hypnosis. This is also a way in which subtle suggestions can be entered into someone else's mind but this is done in a totally different setting.

Covert hypnosis is basically a way of being able to communicate with somebody on a subconscious level. The thing about this form of hypnosis is that it is performed without the other person knowing. With varying reasons why someone would want to perform this type of hypnosis, it all comes down to having the ability to persuade someone to feel or think as you do. It is also something that is used in sales tactics, both by a salesman and through the use of a sales letter. Covert hypnosis is done in two basic steps.

The first step that needs to be taken is that of establishing a rapport with the person. This puts
the person's mind at ease and opens it up to suggestion. Accomplishing this trust or rapport is not easy but can be done with the use of agreeable conversation. Let me show you an example. Let's say you are speaking with someone and they tell you that they hate those little Prius cars. You can simply agree with them by saying, you know, I don't like those that much either. What this does is it places you on their level and makes them more comfortable speaking with you.

Once the rapport is established, you can begin to influence them through the use of conversation and body language. Many people use this in order to subtly move the conversation in a certain direction or to get the person to think in a certain way. A great example of this is a cell phone salesman. They won't start out by trying to sell you the Iphone upgrade, they will strike up a conversation even complimenting you in some manner and agree with you on how inefficient your old phone is before trying to close the sale. This is a very successful way of using covert hypnosis in order to get a person to think and reason in the same way that you are.

Once you have mastered the use of covert hypnosis, you can use this method in order to influence any type of conversation. With some practice, you will be amazed at what you can get done and how you can manipulate others into thinking and feeling as you do. You'll soon find yourself doing it in almost an automatic fashion, gently pulling people in any direction you want them to go.

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