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Mind Control is a very real and awesome power that is closely related to hypnosis. The mind control archive goes way back, all the way to Pavlov's Dog's

Pavlov did experiments on dogs, and was able to get a “condition reflex". That is, when he did something, the dogs would do something else. This was the humble beginnings of mind control and hypnosis. Nowadays, the things people can do with this power are so much more evident. Years and years of research have paved paths for hypnosis that people only dream of.

Nowadays science fiction and horror films sometimes make it seem like hypnosis is this incredible wizard like power. But the mind control archive shows us that hypnosis is much more than that. It is the ultimate form of manipulation. The “hypnosis" that hypnotists use in shows is real, but they use their powers for little things. It's like shooting a huge cannon into a tiny bucket. Why would you use your power to entertain people, when getting whatever your heart desires is within your reach. It is quick, and once you know the steps , easy to perform.

You can literally make one person does something you want them to do, without their permission. This awesome power is now being wielded by more and more people discovering how to perform it online. The mind control archive is only going to expand further as people learn more and more techniques. It is becoming an increasingly important thing to learn, as it will give you that competitive edge when you need it.

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How to Control Your Mind in Putting
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