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5 Simple Steps to Learn How to Hypnotize


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The art of hypnosis, especially that of conversational hypnosis has become much less mysterious and much more widely accepted as the scientific community has started to accept the benefits of hypnosis techniques. For those of you who wish to learn how to hypnotize you will be pleased to hear that you don't need any specific skills or talents - everything can be learned and taught.

Below you will find five easy-to-follow and effective steps that will teach you how to hypnotize almost anybody.

1. The person you wish to hypnotize must be relaxed and seated in a comfortable position. The surroundings that you and the “subject" are in should be quiet and reasonably dark - especially make sure that it is free of unnatural light. Ensure that you will not be disturbed by anything.

2. The next step to learning how to hypnotize is to instruct the subject to focus with all of their concentration on an object located on the opposite side of the room. Any object will do, provided it is not below the subject's line of sight. Next, tell the subject how relaxed they are feeling and how heavy their eyelids are. The secret to this step is to use soft, relaxing and soothing tone of voice.

3. It is important to encourage the subject to breathe in a relaxed but deep manner. Instruct them to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Each breath should be held for between five to ten seconds. Whilst this is occurring, constantly remind them how relaxed they are feeling.

4. Ask the subject to imagine his/herself walking down a flight of stairs in an expensive hotel or maybe even a palace. Stress the fact that these are no ordinary stairs, but are in fact beautiful, richly carpeted stairs that help whoever walks on them to relax. Tell them that with every step they descend down, they need to count down from ten to one. Constantly remind them that they are feeling more and more relaxed with every step they take.

5. Finally, talk positively to the subject about whatever was agreed on before they were hypnotized. This could be something like gaining the willpower to stop smoking or being more confident in business. The key here is to reassure the subject that they will succeed in whatever they are concerned with. After this step is complete, tell the subject that as you count backwards from five to one they will progressively wake up from their state of relaxation.

Congratulations, you now know how to hypnotize someone!

However, this form of more traditional hypnosis isn't the most powerful as the subject is actually aware of the fact that they are being hypnotized. Instead, the techniques of conversational hypnosis are far more powerful. These involve hypnotizing people during normal conversation without them being at all aware of it. Although the steps I have shown you today that have taught you how to hypnotize are powerful, you would be advised to learn conversational hypnosis if you wish to master the art of hypnosis completely.

Click here for more great information about hypnosis and to learn how to hypnotize using both traditional and conversational hypnosis techniques at Adrian Saunder's “Conversational Hypnosis Online" website. You can also read an “average joe's" honest, unbiased, unedited comparison of the two top online hypnosis courses for free.

Adrian Saunders has worked in the professional hypnosis industry for over 10 years and has had hundreds of satisfied clients. He has started to share his insider conversational hypnosis knowledge online for the first time.


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