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Simple Self Hypnosis Techniques That Work Learn Hypnosis on Yourself Fast


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In this article we are going to cover some simple self hypnosis techniques that work fast. Many people want to learn hypnosis to not only be more magnetic, persuasive and powerful in their own dialogue and dealing with others, but ALSO to have an effective valve for tapping into their own troubles, and release them accordingly. For example, many of us have habits that we'd like to break. . . and have been unsuccessful kicking, or lifestyle choices that are holding us back. Hypnosis, even that which is performed ON oneself, is a VERY effective way of accomplishing just that. Read on as we take a look.

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There are several simple keys that you've got to keep close at heart for hypnotizing yourself. Relaxation, obviously is paramount. But this extends FAR beyond simple relaxation of the body. You need a mind that is CENTERED, receptive and as open as a screen door on a warm summer day. To do this, simply find a quiet place or space in your home, and a comfortable chair ( at least for beginners) in which to relax.

Breathing technique, visualization and FOCUS are exceptionally important. I like to focus on a single, fixed point on my own anatomy to allow a trance like, hypnotic state to emerge. For an example, I might use my index finger, or kneecap, or some odd part of my anatomy to become the CENTRAL focus on my inner eye. . . and you will be AMAZED at how quickly this allows the mind to “shift" into inner space.

Conversational hypnosis, and NLP rely HEAVILY on the power of positive suggestion, and I use powerful inner dialogue and voice work, while in this state to bring about changes I'd like to see immediately in my own life. Again, it's the power of visualization, positive suggestion, AND of course, a mind that is in an amenable state to receive all of this that allows this form of self hypnosis to be so darn effective.

And remember, to become POWERFULLY magnetic should be the aspiration of EVERY man (or woman) who simply wants to SUCK all of the JOY and juice out of life and eat from the fruits of unlimited power, PASSION and potential. I believe we are EACH given the ability to focus our MINDS, and our desires on that which we DESPERATELY wish to achieve, and that THIS is the fundamental truth and promise that hypnosis holds for all who dare to indulge in it's secrets.

Unlocking your own hidden potentials , and freeing yourself from FEARS, phobias and unresolved issues is JUST the beginning. Once you learn the true key to how OTHER people's brains really tick, you will be able to effortlessly and ETHICALLY enter and occupy their mind space with CONFIDENCE and care, illuminating your own power, charisma and INFINITE appeal to all who gravitate to your space.

There is MAGIC in this world if you know where to look. . . . for the mind control expert the GATES are OPEN!


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