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Hypnosis Does it Work?


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Have you ever gotten in to a state where you've been too engrossed in a book that you did not hear your mom screaming at you? Or have you ever been too madly in love with a romantic movie that you did not hear your wife asking if you were hungry? Well, if you have gone through similar experiences, then you have already experienced something similar to a glimpse of hypnosis.

Many people fear the idea of hypnosis because they do not know how it feels. To add to that, there are many misconceptions about losing one's control and becoming a victim of suggestions from a hypnotist. If we understand facts more clearly, it is easier to get rid of false fears. Remember that individuals are full of different kinds of fears and most of them are self made. So talking about how hypnosis feel, it is a lucid dream like state (lucid dreams are those dreams where you are aware that you are dreaming). That means you have a certain amount of awareness as well as certain amount of closure to awareness. This state is often referred to as a trance where a person is only focused about one thing; which will be suggestions given by the hypnotist, in the case of hypnosis. If you have ever tried meditation, you will know that meditative trance is something similar.

Let me put it this way. Suppose you go shopping and there are three pairs of shoes that you really love. One part of yourself will tell you, ‘I wish I could buy all three pairs’ and we call this part of you the ID. Another part will tell you ‘Your mom will get really mad if you spend too much money on shoes’ and we call this part the Super ego. The third part will tell you ‘hello! Don't you remember that you only have enough money for one pair so let's buy the most suitable pair and head home’ and we call this part the Ego. What happens during hypnosis is that, we tell rationalizing parts of our mind (the id, ego and superego) to stand in a corner and watch us and not to involve in anything we do. Thus, if the rationalizing selves keep quiet, you enter in to a relaxed state where your imagination is elevated to the therapists’ suggestions and you go in to trance.

There are some people that cannot be hypnotized and the issue with them for majority part is that they don't listen to or want to accept what they hear. Their rationalizing selves are still at work making comments about the suggestions the therapist makes. This way they never enter in to hypnotic trance. In rare cases, some people suffering from hallucinations and delusions would also be difficult to hypnotize however, this fact will also depend on how good your hypnotist is because, put in simple words, hypnotism is all about relaxing your body and sending away your rational selves to a far away place to give room to dwell in imagination and freedom.

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