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How to Hypnotize Someone Simple Amnesia Techniques


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Suppose you could learn how to hypnotize someone and make them completely forget they were ever hypnotized. Imagine you could make someone forget where they work by simply talking to them. Hypnotists have been using memory loss techniques like these for years on their subjects and clients. But the question is . . . “Do these amnesia techniques actually work?"

The answer . . . yes and no. While it is possible to hypnotize a person and cause them to forget they were hypnotized, the memory loss may only be temporary. Immediately following hypnosis, a subject may experience a temporary form of amnesia - especially if proper post-hypnotic suggestions were given. However, given time, the client still has the capacity to recall the words and suggestions given during the session if they choose to do so.

You can also cause memory loss in a person during conversation (and make them forget the time, their name, where they work, etc. ) But again . . . the effect is only momentary. Hypnotists usually only use conversational, non-trance amnesia techniques like this one to cause confusion and preoccupy the critical mind of the person they are attempting to hypnotize. A form of waking hypnosis.

Here are a few ways that are commonly used to create temporary amnesia:

1. Before And After

Immediately before performing an induction and putting their subject into trance, a hypnotist may choose to engage them with general small talk. For example, the weather. The hypnotist may say the forecast is calling for rain and he thought he heard thunder just a moment ago. Then they immediately begin the hypnosis session. At the conclusion of the session, the hypnotist will emerge the person from trance and immediately continue talking about the rain and thunder he is hearing outside. The unfocused mind will always attempt to finish a thought, so after emergence the subject's mind will recall the beginning of the “rain" discussion and process the conclusion of the “rain" discussion . . . and many times, forget the session in between. Effectively “skipping" the entire event. This technique work's best when you also use good . . .

2. Post-Hypnotic Suggestions

Very simply, you can choose to give your subject the command to “forget". You can easily give them a post-hypnotic suggestion, or something they should follow unconsciously after the session. In this case, you can simply instruct them to “forget" upon waking. Used in conjunction with the “before and after", you can create a fairly powerful state of amnesia in someone for a little while.

3. Conversational Amnesia

Using waking hypnosis tactics can be a little more difficult to create amnesia in a person, but the results can be almost instant. For example, imagine you are talking to a person that you know. Say an odd or confusing statement. Then immediately ask them, “Where do you work? I can't remember . . . " Move your hand across in front of their eyes briefly as you say this. Temporary confusion and the hidden command “I can't remember" can often cause temporary memory loss in a person. The mind is inherently lazy, so this is a relatively simple technique you can use. Again, conversational hypnotists usually use this moment to their advantage as both the confusion and amnesia serve to preoccupy a person's critical mind, leaving you full access to the person's subconscious mind.

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