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NLP Why Build Rapport?


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Christopher Howard, one of the luminaries of NLP training describes rapport as being: “a deep and unconscious state of trust and responsiveness with another person or people. "

The whole idea is based on the concept that the people who are like each other like each other.

Rapport creates a sense of connection, a sense of familiarity, a feeling of: “Don't I know you from somewhere?"

It has been said that anything is possible in the presence of good rapport.

Whether we wish to develop rapport with one person, a small group of people, or an auditorium of thousands, the basic principles of rapport building apply.

Have you ever been in a group, and you instantly take a liking towards certain people, and yet others seem a little more difficult to come to terms with.

There is nothing wrong with that.

There is no need for us to like everyone we meet.

We do however, need to respect them, to show them courtesy, and the attention they deserve when they speak.

Oft times when we have a negative reaction towards someone, it is mirroring and aspect within ourselves that needs addressing.

I've come to realize that when I have a negative reaction towards someone, I need to do some introspection.

What is it that I have that could be a mirror image of what I don't like in that other person?

More often than not, I can see a behavior that I exhibit, and it makes me realize I need to adjust that.

When I first heard this idea, I have to say I didn't receive it kindly, as I've wizened-up, I realize that for me, it is true.

Building rapport is an indication that you respect the presence and contribution of another person who has entered your sphere, no matter how temporary, and under what conditions.

Every person deserves respect. None of us are in a position to deny any other human being respect.

To do that would be to judge, and none of us are in position to take that liberty.

I'm sure you have felt too, what a wonderful feeling it is, when you are in communication with someone, and there is rapport.

It feels great, doesn't it?

You wish you could have this feeling with everyone.

Well, it is possible.

I just need to make this final point. There will be some people with whom you don't want to get into rapport, and that's okay, in actual fact, that will be good.

The reasons for this, not wanting to have rapport with someone can be for safety reasons.

However, those times aside, building rapport makes you feel good, and the other person feel good, and that's what you want, isn't it?

Gloria M Hamilten is a recognized authority in disciplines within Personal Development and People Skills for Business Professionals, such as Time Management, Negotiation Skills, Developing High-Performance Teams, Assertion Skills, Building International Rapport, Conflict Management and Resolution, Presentation and Platform Skills.

Her studies in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Psychology have lead to her researching brain disorders such as AD-HD and its relations.

She has her own training business, and conducts courses for Corporate Organizations, Sporting groups and Tertiary Educational Institutions in Australia.

Her professional experience covers over 30 years of study, research, one-on-one coaching, group coaching, presentations and workshops. Her clientele includes children as well as adults.

Gloria Hamilten has authored the eBook: “Practical Self-Hypnosis for Success" and many Reports and online articles.

Her websites provide a wealth of informative articles and resources on everything within these genres.

Visit her websites:

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