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How to Live a Balanced Life Using Neuro Linguistic Programming


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Many of us today don't live balanced lives. We think we have to do more and more to keep up with demanding jobs, take care of our children, and cram more and more activity into the same amount of time every day. Very often it is possible to drop some of these non-essential activities so that we have more time for those things we do have to achieve. In that way, we can ensure that our stress levels are kept to a minimum.


Neuro linguistic programming, or NLP, is a very effective method that can help you relearn how to manage those things that are truly important in your life so that you do them well and still have time for yourself. It's also a very powerful tool in helping you decide what is and what is not important in your life, enabling you to drop those activities that do not give you pleasure or that are simply not necessary.


With the help of a trained NLP therapist, take a look at your life honestly. I bet you could find a few examples where you would tell yourself “If I don't do it, nobody will. " Am I right?

Well by seeking the help of an NLP therapist, you would be able to reframe that statement more realistically and see that the truth of the matter might actually be, “If I don't do it, somebody else will, " or
even, “If I don't do it and nobody else will, maybe it doesn't need to be done at all. " Either way, it gives you an alternative and more realistic way to look at that particular situation.

Don't be afraid of taking time out of your day for yourself instead of becoming over-stressed trying to do unnecessary tasks. Believe it or not, the sky won't fall in if you don't accomplish everything on your “to do" list. Figure out those things that are most important to you and put them first. Learn to acknowledge that you have a limited amount of time each day for tasks and make sure you have an allocated amount of time each day for yourself. If you do this, you will achieve a more balanced life and feeling of well-being sooner than you think.


Kevin Dennison is a professional qualified Trainer and Consultant in Neuro Linguistic Programming in Manchester, North West England. His team at Kevin Dennison and Associates, provide a range of NLP Training Courses and Hypnotherapy Training Courses to achieve Certification in these fields, enabling individuals to become Professional NLP Practitioners and Certified Hypnotherapists themselves.

All trainers are INLPTA (International NLP Trainers Association) registered and NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners. To find out more about NLP in Manchester , Leeds and the surrounding areas, visit .


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