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Learn Exactly How to Hypnotize People

Perry Lai

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How to hypnotize people? How to use Plausibility & the Agreement Habit to boost the impact of your hypnotic suggestions?

Agreement tactics in conversational hypnosis are very functional; you will learn to use these for two different reasons:

- Put the critical factor in your subjects mind to sleep.

- The critical factor needs to be turned off in order to induce a good trance and to make suggestions.

The agreement tactics include plausibility, the agreement habit, ‘yes sets’ and piggy backing suggestions.

1-Plausibility: the idea of getting a person to agree with what you are saying repeatedly, so eventually, you can introduce an idea that may not be considered a truth. It is important for you when learning how to hypnotize people.

Agreement at this point is easier because:

- You have to put critical factor to sleep

- No analysis of the idea you are presenting.

The goal here is to have the critical factor turned off as much as possible. You can utilize your signal recognition skills here to see how much of your listeners critical factor is in place. Keep in mind that your listener may seem to be totally awake, but this does not mean their critical factor is awake.

2-Agreement habit: is based on the concept of ‘going first’. You have to remember that ‘going first’ is when you create a reality that you immerse and lead your listener through it.

Part of the Agreement Habit is the Agreement Habit Principal that:

- Everything to do with positive reinforcement.

- What you put into something will help it to flourish and grow.

- When you reinforce a positive behavior it will grow as much as a negative behavior.

- You must to provide the positive things and avoid the negative.

Another reason to respond is the Access State Principal:

- The idea is that changing moods changes what information within the mind you have access to.

- When learning how to hypnotize people, you have to change your mood to a positive; you will access more positive thoughts and behaviors.

- Finally, agreement habit and positive reinforcement when used correctly will casually leave behind the negative behaviours. Plausibility and agreement habit are powerful tactics that you should perfect in order to become a great hypnotist.

About the author:

Perry is a speaker, trainer, author and coach. He works with the largest personal development training company in Singapore.

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how to hypnotize people

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