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Dangers Of Hypnosis


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Hypnosis is sometimes viewed in a sinister light because of the degree of control that a hypnotist might have over an individual. Many people are afraid to undergo hypnosis because they do not want to lose control over themselves or they do not want to receive suggestions that may remain with them even after the hypnotic session.

These views are actually well founded because not all individuals react the same way and there may be residual effects of being hypnotized for many. One factor that may have something to do with the fears concerning hypnosis is the many people who pass themselves off as qualified hypnotists but lack the skill to do this well. There are many side effects to hypnosis and not all are positive. Some hypnotists may not be adept at closing a session or giving suggestions. The formulation of the suggestions that hypnotist give their subjects need to be concise. The closing of a session needs to have no loose ends as well because some subjects may be affected by loose ends.

Misinterpretation of Suggestions

Licensed hypnotists need to undergo training to be able to fully comprehend their subjects’ psyche. If not, there has to be a corresponding psychologist who can help the hypnotist recreate the subject's traumas and reconstruct the learned reaction appropriately. Some subjects may take the hypnotist's suggestions literally and may not have any fear at all when told to have no fear for snakes, heights and other dangers.

The extent that hypnotists tinker with the human mind may also need to be checked. Many stories of people being implanted with suggestions to donate money or give money to the hypnotists are heard but not proven but the possibilities are endless. Hypnosis may be used to alter the subject's perception of good and bad, thus altering the behavior of the subject. Although, it has been always reiterated that one can always say no to the hypnotist's suggestions, the loophole here is that you have to be a person of strong will

Unprecedented Reactions

Some individuals may have a stronger than normal reaction to where the hypnotist will lead them. In hypnotherapy, just one session is not enough to completely treat some individuals. Delving into memories to be able to treat people are the gist of what hypnotists do. The problem arises when an individual reacts violently to an otherwise unremembered memory and does not positively react to the hypnotist's suggestion due to distress and emotional turmoil.

Sometimes these extreme reactions may result to some difficulty in rousing the individual out of the hypnotic state. This usually occurs when the subject has been hypnotized for an extended period of time. Although, these kinds of occurrences are extremely rare the chances are still there. This usually depends on what kind of person goes under hypnosis.

False Memories

Some cases of subjects conjuring up false memories for themselves have occurred. The often repetitive questions and hypnotic probing of children regarding abuse and other events in their lives have yielded facts that they can actually make up false memories. Many of these memories can be based on the questions and descriptions that hypnotists have used to probe if the child has experienced this kind of behavior. Many experts warn against using hypnosis with children especially in delving with memories.

These dangers of hypnosis may seem far fetched but they can happen. Although, hypnosis is often seen as harmless entertainment by some, many have doubts regarding just how wise it is to delve into our subconscious.

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