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Learn Self-Hypnosis


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Self hypnosis is useful for times when you feel stressed or anxious and wish to calm yourself. Ultimately, self hypnosis is a sort of relaxation technique that can empower you to better control of yourself and your mind, as well as change how you perceive your life. There are several steps to learning self hypnosis or deep concentration.

First Step

You need to be comfortable in what you are wearing and where you are to instigate self hypnosis. The area where you might try this is some place that has minimal chances of interruptions and interference. Actually, if you can concentrate anywhere in spite of the noise, you can do this wherever you please but most people prefer quieter places. You also need to be comfortable in the position that you take on when imposing self hypnosis. Your spine needs to be straight and your breathing even. Do not lie down because this tends to make you succumb to sleep instead of a deep concentration.

Second Step

Close your eyes and leave reality behind you. Do not force your eyes to be shut, instead let them drift down slowly and softly. Concentrate on closing them and let this be your initial image, the closing of your eyes. Movements need to be slow but sure so as not to break your concentration. Dull the sounds outside and concentrate on what comes next.

Third Step

Choose an image that best calms you and focus on this object or scene as you try to divest the sounds and sensations of reality and delve deeper into your subconscious. You can also choose to visualize yourself into what you aim to be. If you want to be a successful person, visualize it. If you wish to get over some phobias, try to visualize yourself doing so. Getting over fears and phobias need a lot of work, this is best done daily in a quiet corner.

Once you have visualized what you are aiming for, place yourself in the images or scenes and try to feel or participate in them. Feeling the success and the bravery in your imagery can actually be exhilarating. Do not hold on to the image for a long time. You will find yourself having a difficult time holding on to these images so it is best to let them go after a while.

Fourth Step

This step to self hypnosis seals the images onto your mind by saying it out loud. “I deserve to be happy" or “I will be brave" can motivate you to move to that direction. This will prepare you and your body for the hard work that you need to do to be able to reach your goal.

These basic steps to self conditioning or self hypnosis can actually work for the better. Things to remember are that you do not need to go to self hypnosis for long durations of time. This kind of self hypnosis is more effective for just about ten minutes at a time. Keeping the images fresh every session can be the key to visualizing you success instead of overusing the images for long periods of time.


Some people might have a difficult time concentrating. There is actually nothing wrong with trying and if you do not succeed, you can try it one step at a time. The main point in self hypnosis is to relax and immerse yourself in your mind and its capacity.

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