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What Is Hypnosis?


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Hypnosis is a trance like state that an individual achieves under the direction or guidance of an expert hypnotherapist. Some people liken it to being deeply engrossed with reading a book or deeply thinking except there is some guidance from the hypnotherapist. Hypnotherapy is considered an effective way of changing one's bad habits, cravings and perception of pain and how you react to it. The fact that an individual under hypnosis is open to suggestions means that they can be treated using this method. The hypnotherapist will usually suggest a change in demeanor or habit and the person under hypnosis will remember this even after he has snapped out of hypnosis.

Signs of Hypnosis

When one is under the state of hypnosis, you are unaware of your surroundings and are more focused on one particular thing, in most cases; it is the directions of the hypnotherapist that the person under hypnosis heeds. The individual is also in a very relaxed and calm state where he is more open to suggestions. Most individuals who are under hypnosis are also less critical and disbelieving. They can actually be maneuvered to do things which they normally would not do.


Hypnosis is now being used to treat individuals, who wish to have a modification in their behavior, emotions and attitudes. Other conditions such as anxiety, stress related conditions, pain management and others can be treated using hypnotherapy.

All over the world, there are many different kinds of hypnotists. There are those who use hypnosis as a general therapeutic tool to treat many different conditions. They may sometimes combine hypnotherapy with other methods in order to achieve proper treatment of the individual. Other kinds of hypnotists are those who primarily use hypnosis to treat individuals. On the other hand, other hypnotists use their abilities for entertainment and stage shows. These days, hypnosis is commonly used to address conditions which are primarily results of mental or psychological conditions.

How it Works

Hypnosis for treatment usually works by putting an individual under a sort of trance wherein that individual is more susceptible to suggestions from the hypnotist. For treatment, hypnotists usually guides the individual to a certain “memory" to which there is a corresponding learned response or reaction to event. The hypnotist then helps the individual to separate the event or the memory from the learned response or learned behavior and helps the individual reconstruct it for a healthier reaction or association.

While not all conditions or problems can be treated by hypnotherapy, not all individuals are also willing to undergo hypnosis. Hypnosis usually works well with people who are more open minded and less scared of undergoing it. In some studies, the more learned or educated the person, the more susceptible he is to hypnosis. Those who can not be put under hypnosis are seldom forced to do so because it sometimes takes a longer time for them to acclimatize to the concept of hypnotherapy and the effort to hypnotize may be futile.

Hypnotherapy is a treatment method that usually works after one or several sessions. This means that the individual usually gets the treatment right after a few exposures to hypnosis. For most hypnotists, they seldom have clients that come back after four to five sessions because that number of sessions will usually be able to address the problem.

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