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How Hypnosis Works


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Hypnosis is actually a trance like state wherein the subject is fully engaged to an extent that what he is focused on is what seems real to him. The most common forms of hypnosis are those that are done by ourselves. Reading an engaging book and watching a captivating movie are some forms of hypnosis that we undergo without even knowing that we have done it. The subject usually focuses on one thing only and excludes all other stimuli or interference in the surroundings.

This exclusion makes people under hypnosis very susceptible to suggestions. The person under hypnosis is actually not sleepy or drowsy because he is still fully alert like when he is awake but just focused on one thing. This is why when we sometimes watch a movie we often empathize with the actors when there is a strong drama scene or when there is a thrilling scene. We absorb the movie as a reality and get engrossed in it.

Clinical Hypnosis

When under a hypnotist's suggestions, the subject tends to exclude all other stimuli and listens mainly to the hypnotist, which makes the subject prone to the suggestions of the latter. The subject tends to perceive the suggestions as reality which is how some conditions are treated. These suggestions, which are mean to alter some addictions, habits or preconceived notions of the subject, can be done in a few sessions. Clinical hypnosis is actually maneuvering reality in the minds of subjects to lead them to believe otherwise.

Subjects with phobias and extreme anxiety can be lead to believe that they have no need for these reactions by going back to the initial event that lead to the phobia and fear. The hypnotist usually recreates the said event and separates it from the learned reaction by guiding the subject. This guidance will eventually lead to a more desirable reaction which will produce a more calm and less phobic individual.

At the back of the subject's mind, there is still a sense of self preservation which is why the hypnotist can only offer suggestions to you. In reality, if the subject is doubtful enough, he can override the suggestions of the hypnotist. This is why many people who are not open to hypnosis may not be put under the suggestions of a hypnotist. The subconscious mind is still active during hypnosis but the conscious one is relaxed and uninhibited.

Treating Conditions with Hypnosis

Conditions that are related to the human mind are those that respond really well to hypnosis. There are also some conditions not directly related to the human mind that respond positively to hypnosis but these are few that can still be positively affected by it. Some conditions that respond well are addictions, weight problems and problems regarding self esteem. Some dermatologic disorders and sleep disorders may also be positively affected by hypnosis. There are also some instances that stress related conditions like irritable bowel syndrome and hives can be helped by hypnosis.

Choosing Your Hypnotherapist

Hypnosis can be a tricky method to treat conditions. This is because the subject puts himself under the control or suggestions of another individual. You need to look for a qualified and licensed hypnotherapist to ensure aboveboard sessions as well as safety during sessions.

The government has recognized the need to license the implementation of hypnosis so you can ask your doctor if he can recommend a qualified and licensed hypnotherapist to you. Some traditional doctors have doubts regarding hypnotherapy so you might be not be able to get help in this aspect.

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