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Narcissism Hypnosis


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Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man that person is so full of himself, he is sooo narcissistic?" Have you ever wondered how the terms Narcissist, Narcissistic, or Narcissism came to exist? Narcissism can be traced back to an ancient Greek myth where Narcissus, a young Greek man, looked at his own reflection in a pool of water and fell in love with it. He couldn't stop even though a beautiful young woman tried to love him, but Narcissus just kept on loving himself. It is normal and healthy for people to be concerned about their own personal well-beings, but it's when their self-concern begins to interfere with their daily life that narcissism becomes a serious disorder and can be helped and treated through Narcissism Hypnosis.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder begins to develop when a person is in their teens or early adult years. It's when a pattern of inner feelings and outward behavior do not mix. They only feel satisfied with themselves outwardly, but something inside of them is very unsatisfactory. They take their personal pain, whatever they are trying to hide or mask, out on everyone else; making everyone else feel inferior. These feelings and actions will continue over time unless properly treated through hypnosis. People who suffer from narcissism will often display these characteristics:

  • Believe and act like they are better than others
  • Constantly fantasize about success, power, or beauty
  • Believe that they are special and can only be understood by a certain group of special people
  • Expect everyone to go along with what they want
  • Take advantage of other people
  • Cannot recognize or identify with other's feelings
  • Jealous of what others have or think others are jealous of what they have

    In truth people who suffer from narcissism have very low and fragile self-esteem. They may not show it but they are very easily hurt. Their relationships with others will suffer because a narcissist's expectations are so ridiculous. Most people do tend to show signs of narcissism, but it's only when these signs begin to interfere with their life that they are suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder and should be treated through Narcissism Hypnosis

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