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ESP - Developing ESP - Extra Sensory Perception - Test ESP In Yourself


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Some people have psychic abilities. What about the rest of us. We do not need to look any further than the top crack agencies like FBI and CIA who use the services of psychics. In fact, anyone with the right attitude can develop ESP, extra sensory perception or sixth sense. This article will put you on the path of developing ESP.

So, how do you learn to develop ESP. Firstly, you must understand that the job of developing ESP has to be entrusted to your inner or subconscious mind. The outer, waking mind has to be in abeyance. The method of doing that is to make yourself so relaxed that your mind too goes into a dreamlike relaxed state. It is then that your suggestions to your inner mind would begin the process of ESP. There are certain audio files available on the internet, which helps you reach that brings your brain to a different altered state most suitable for developing ESP.

Furthermore, it is not your logical thinking and thought patterns that help you go about your workaday life that is going to help you in this. You must make your mind free of all thoughts and preoccupations. Because the psychic visions come not from the usual cogitative process.

There are many kinds of ESP: Extra Sensory Perception some of which are


Clairvoyance & Psychometry

Precognition & Retrocognition


Out of Body Experience


We will talk about the above one by one. . .


is communicating to another mind through non verbal communication. It often happens naturally when a song comes to your mind and you find another person starts singing the same song.


is the ability to see the hidden facets of any object or turn of events.


is the ability to learn all about a particular object by touching it.


is the ability to learn beforehand how events would unfold


is the ability to be able to visualize how events would have taken place in the past.


is moving or bending physical objects by the power of the mind. Uri Geller has made a career out of bending spoons and other extra sensory abilities

Out of Body Experiences also called Astral Projection lets you go out of your body and experience a spiritual journey when your perceptive abilities take a quantum jump.


when you can communicate with spirits of persons and animals who are no more.

Now we will discuss an important concept in ESP, that of bidirectional energy flows from and to ourselves. They are called Outward and Inward Energy Flows respectively:

Outward Energy Flow in ESP

is when you make a rotor rotate in the Energy Wheel experiment i. e. when your energy is focused outwardly to influence another object remotely.

Inward Energy Flow in ESP

manifests itself when you develop premonitions about what is on the other side of a card, e. g. , i. e. when the energies emanating from any external entity finds a resonance in you. The energy flows inward and you sense it to reveal the truth.


The Energy Wheel

is a small lightweight rotor which you place between your hands without touching it and then by only using psychic energy you make the rotor rotate, make it stop and make it change direction.

Zener Cards

are cards with specific symbols on them and the test entails guessing which symbol appears on which cards. The symbols usually used are a circle, a square, three short wavy lines, a plus sign and a star made of two triangles.

Coloured Cards

with different colours on each card and you are asked to guess which is which.

If you are serious about developing ESP ability in yourself and want to learn about other Parapsychology subjects with a modern eye, see my blog .

Some of us have always believed in the heart of our hearts that there is more to this world, this life than meets the eye. It is not all about growing up, getting educated and getting into the big bad world into the rat-race and making a life out of it, bumbling and stumbling along never reaching where we would like to see ourselves. We know that there is a spiritual reality and there are hidden powers that man could harness in oneself. Indeed, such powers exist, as certain guys like Uri Geller have shown, that man can tap into. All our unfulfilled dreams and more could all come true. If only we knew the correct methods to follow, the subtle steps to the process that ought not to go wrong. You would be amazed to know that such methods not only exist but have been documented carefully and compiled all at one place to smoothen your journey to an altered state of existence without any drugs whatsoever, solely by hypnotically suggestive methods that are safe and completely without any negative after effect. Be empowered with secret powers that are waiting to be manifested within you.Learn More .


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