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How To Start Using Hypnotic Language Patterns Now


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Have you ever had the experience of speaking to someone, or seeing someone speak on the TV or the radio, and just been completely carried along by all their ideas, as if everything they said somehow seemed true? You felt persuaded and encouraged to go along with their suggestions, and just do what they tell you?

Maybe you have experienced it, if not you can just imagine talking to someone who you found irresistibly persuasive, and you just felt an instant connection with.

Their language has a natural smooth flowing nature, as one idea is seamlessly intertwined with the next, a pure stream of ideas which just sweep aside any resistances, and you can't help but accept.

These people have a secret. The secret is hypnotic language patterns. They don't all know they do it, some people just use these naturally, and others can be trained. But not everyone has succeeded in learning to speak hypnotically.

Many try and fail, despite having all the right books and courses. What makes those people fail at learning hypnotic language is that they skip straight to the really complex patterns, and just recite them to no effect. They lack the style, the passion, and the understanding that makes these patterns powerful. What they don't realize is that you can reap the benefits of being irresistibly persuasive and hypnotic by just using four simple words.

Igor Ledochowski calls these the four words of power. These words will allow you to fluidly flow with ideas and suggestions, and make your language powerful and entrancing. These words allow you to give the conscious mind reason to leave now, giving you direct access to their unconscious mind as long as you keep speaking like this, and on top of that speak to the unconscious in its own language and tell it to accept all suggestions.

The first power word is “and. "

A word you use all the time, but this word allows you to tie your suggestions together, to keep up a smooth flow of hypnotic language, so that people just get carried along by your ideas.

The next power word is because.

If you use because it means you have a reason, and as you have a reason the conscious mind is satisfied, this means that you can directly access the unconscious with your ideas and suggestions, which will just slip right in, brushing all resistance aside.

The next power word is a short, but immensely powerful word, “as".

As is a presupposition, ‘as you begin to understand these ideas’ presupposes that you are beginning to understand these ideas, as you think about how to use these four words of power in your life you must surely realize how powerful “as" is, as it allows you to give powerful commands, without seeming to command anything at all.

The next is more like two words than one, it is “which means" which works somewhat like because, and creates a complex equivalence between two things. You are still reading, which means that at some level you are begging to integrate and understand what you have learned in this article, here.

You now know the four words of power, and how to use them in your life.

Because you have read this article it means that you will begin using these four words hypnotically in your everyday interactions, as you do this you will see firsthand the amazing power of these four words of power as you become more confident in your ability, more hypnotic and more persuasive than you ever thought you could.

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