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NLP Variables - A Complete List Of Visual Sub-Modalities

Steve Bauer

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NLP broke into a brand new playground when Richard Bandler modeled sub-modalities. In the next few articles, we'll be examining extensive lists of sub-modalities available in the three most used representational systems: visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Today, we'll look at sub-modalities of the visual representational system.

In NLP, we consider sub-modalities to be the particular characteristics or qualities of a specific modality. For instance, visual sub-modalities include picture size, picture distance, picture location, picture color, picture brightness and so forth and so on.

In the case of visual sub-modalities, a great analogy to use is your DVD player. Using your remote control, you can manipulate your image until it looks exactly the way you intend it to. You can shrink the image, zoom in, increase the brightness, sharpen the contrast and so forth. Likewise, you can do this in your imagination apparatus.

So, what are some of the visual sub-modalities that you can adjust to change your reaction to the pictures you make?

1. Style: picture, painting, poster, drawing, “real life"

2. Panoramic vs. framed picture

3. Shape: concave, convex, square, oval, etc.

4. Level of brightness

5. 2-D vs. 3-D

6. Black and white vs. color

7. Focus (on certain objects) vs. Blurred

8. Clear vs. fuzzy

9. Movie vs. still frame

10. Size of the picture (tiny, small, life size, big, huge)

11. Size of the main object

12. Associated (seeing through your own eyes) vs. dissociated (seeing yourself in the picture)

13. Number of pictures viewed simultaneously

14. Distance of the picture from you

15. Sharpness of colors

16. Contrast

17. Angle

18. Movement (stopped, slow, regular, fast, super speed)

19. Location of picture (up, down, left, right)

Now, to the most important part of the article (and of NLP practice). Print out this list and find a buddy to play with. Now, close your eyes and make a neutral picture in your mind. It might be a picture of your home, or a cat, or anything that doesn't hold too much emotional power over you.

Then, ask the person to guide you into transforming that picture. They should simply say: “now, make the picture into a movie. " Then: “now, bring it back to a still frame. " And then move on to the next item.

Practice and please post your comments and questions on the blog to stimulate one another. Tomorrow, we'll learn more about auditory sub-modalities.

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