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Two Amazing Language "Tricks" To Hypnotize And Control Others


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In the next five minutes, you're going to learn about two neat language tricks known as double negation and overloading of details. These are quite powerful, and are easy to implement in everyday conversation. So here they are. . .

Double Negation

This is double negations or double negatives. The mind finds it very difficult to actually deal with negatives because negations don't actually exist in the real world.

Let's take a simple example. If I say to you, “I don't have a car, " the thing that you have to think about first is the car. Then you have to negate it and get rid of it. Okay?

So if I tell you that “I don't have a car that doesn't work, " now you have to work twice as hard because there are two negations that you have to work in.

But if I tell you, “I can't not have a car that doesn't work any better than you can relax now. " Notice what just happened. Notice how you overload on all of those double negatives and trying to figure out what's going on so when the final message comes ‘relax now’ it slips right back in.

It's very difficult to resist it. That was just a five-second example of confusing language in action. It's a very powerful pattern, so really practice it well.

Overloading With Details

The next pattern of confusion is to overload people with details. The conscious mind can only handle seven plus or minus two bits of information.

That means if I give you a random string of say, five numbers, most people can remember them. If I give you seven numbers, it starts getting tricky. By the time it gets to nine numbers, very few people can hold it in their consciousness. Beyond that, it takes an exceptionally skilled mind in order to be able to hold all of those numbers at the same time.

The same is true of any facts. If I give you a whole bunch of facts to remember, eventually your mind overloads. It no longer knows which facts are important, which ones to analyze and which ones to reject.

When the conscious is overloaded the gates come crashing down and everything starts flowing in more smoothly. Someone who is actually keeping careful track is probably going to keep track of the wrong things, which mean that your unconscious suggestion will still slip by on the wayside.

How do we do this?

Well, it's simply in the form of storytelling or in the form of any kind of informational interaction. Just give them lots of details. Take the following example:

"I went racing with my cousin who has a Porsche. But he has a Porsche 911 which is different from a Porsche Carerra. His car is gray, metallic silver. The lady downstairs, her name is Eldred. Eldred is a racing driver and a racing instructor for Porsche. She drives a Porsche Carerra with a racing cage inside. So we have Sasha with a 911 which is gray metallic and we have Eldred with a Carerra which is in racing colors. Oh, and it has a roll-cage inside. Now those are just two of the seven racers. “

Think about what is happening right now. If you are not overloading on those details already, then you're an exceptional person.

Think about anytime that you meet someone new and they start telling you about their family and their friends and all of these crazy names start popping in and out and you don't know which name relates to whom and who says what and who does what.

You are so busy trying to figure out all of the relationships in between that, all the hypnotic elements are actually working because the critical factor is all tied up. Again, practice this as well because it is a very powerful pattern.

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