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Underground Hypnosis - Using Ambiguous Messages To Provoke A Response


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One of the most interesting hypnosis tactics is to use ambiguous messages. Ambiguous basically means something very broad or meaning several different things, and we can use this to our advantage in taking control of others.

In the English language, there are many words that cover several meanings simultaneously. Let's take the word bank, for example. The minute you hear the word bank most people think about the bank you place your money in.

But bank also means the bank by the side of a river, which is a very different kind of bank. There is also another kind of bank, which is a maneuver in an airplane we'll cover. So depending on where you are and what context you're in, the different types of bank will be the one that springs first into your mind.

Here's what's happening: when the unconscious mind hears the word bank, it must analyze all the possible meanings, and select the most appropriate one for you given the circumstances. That means that the context that you create will prime the actual responses that you get.

This becomes very interesting particularly when we come on to embedded suggestions later, because it gives you the ability to actually speak to people on multiple levels at the same time.

Ambiguities allow you to give the conscious mind one particular message while the unconscious mind, which is processing all possibilities, also begins to track a separate message underneath the first.

As an example, I could say to you the words, “And then we were ready to bank. "

Now, I could tell that in the context of sitting in an airplane and flying through the air and now we're ready to bank to make our next maneuver.

Let's say that in this particular context, however, I'm trying to help you to use your money more wisely and start banking with it instead of just keeping it under your mattress.

So provided that we have set up a context in advance or perhaps the idea has been planted, seeded, as you have learned how to seed suggestions in the past, it also comes when you can use such embedded suggestions, which we will come onto in a moment.

While you are listening to the story about flying high and about the airplane “just being ready to bank now", the same message ‘ready to bank’ at the unconscious level will begin to attach to the alternative meanings:

  • being ready to bank and
  • go to a bank and start using these things.
  • This is a very sophisticated concept. This is beginning to introduce the idea of multiple layers of meaning and multiple layers of communication occurring at the same time. It happens all the time, people just aren't aware of it.

    Now you begin to sensitize yourself to this and it allows you to create very rich, double meanings which can affect people in different ways.

    If you want to have a place where this happens organically or naturally, read many of Shakespeare's plays and you will find little puns and word plays which occur there which have several layers of meanings occurring at the same time.

    In that case, it's a little bit more obvious and people can track it consciously. When it comes to embedded suggestions, I'll show you a way of doing that in a way that people will track it unconsciously. Again, it bypasses the critical factor.

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