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Mind Hypnosis - Using The Language Of Confusion To Control Others Like Crazy


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You're about to learn about an interesting way of controlling others that you have probably never even considered before, through confusing others. Let's talk a little bit about it.

Confusion is a very powerful resource in conversational hypnosis because confusion basically ties up the intellect. It ties up the critical factor, the guardian of the gate, so that you are ready to go sailing by with your plane suggestions.

Think of it as the intellectual equivalent of conversational jujitsu where you basically tackle someone and tie them up in knots. While they are busy trying to extricate themselves from that, the door is wide open to roll your suggestion straight into the unconscious mind.

The first way that you can really learn to master confusion language is to start layering double meanings like ambiguous messages.

For example, let's take the words “left" and “right". Consider the following. . .

"Now, it's not right that you always take the things I left over because the right way to do things is sometimes the one way which is left over when people start thinking about things.

If you come to a fork in the road, you can turn left or you can turn right. People may sit and wonder which one is the right way to take but when you eliminate the wrong ways, the one that is left must be the right way to take.

So you don't have to think about left and right anymore but so much more as what's left over is always the right thing to do. "

This is just using left and right. Any double meaning can be used in the same way to layer on top of each other all the meanings confusing each other. It is because you have to track all of the different Now think about what I just said. If you're not confused by now, well, then you can track a lot more than the average person can.

Types of meanings of left and right that the conscious mind overloads and shorts out at some point.

So any time that you come across a word that has a double meaning and you use that word's full meaning in several different ways in the same sentence it tends to overload people so that eventually it is given up and they follow the suggestions that you implanted within it.

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