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Black Ops Hypnosis - Using Vivid Metaphors To Influence Others Like Crazy


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When you try to hypnotize others, it is very important that the person you want to influence is in the right frame of mind. Unfortunately, getting people in the right frame of mind is something many people have trouble doing. So here are a couple of tips to consider. . .

Secret #1: Use vivid Metaphors

First of all, you can use vivid metaphors in order to really bring an experience to life. For example, in the old classical world of hypnosis, when a hypnotist would do some of his suggestibility tests, they'd often use vivid metaphors like:

  • ‘glue being poured over their hands'; or
  • ‘a vice coming and pressing their hands tighter and tighter together’
  • Notice how these statements create a vivid image inside the mind that the unconscious can attach to.

    So, using these kinds of vivid metaphors can allow it to happen inside of a story or any other framework as well. For example, if you want someone to relax, you can just tell them to relax, or you can tell them it's just like their muscles are melting right to the floor.

    Notice how that little metaphor creates a much more powerful impact. You can say relax; or you can say loosen your muscles, let them melt right to the floor.

    Notice how that improvement enhances the experience.

    Additional Secret 2: Be A Movie Director

    Another way to enhance the experience is to take each modality and break it down and polish each of the elements that's makes it up. So when you see things, you can see colors, but if you see a vivid color it becomes more intense. Or, you can see a blue ocean, or a beautiful blue ocean.

    You can see the scene in front of you, or you can see the whole scene expanding wider in front of you, it's coming out to meet you. Now, as a rule of thumb, think of it in terms of cinema.

    When you go to the cinema, the larger the screen, the wider the screen, the closer to the screen, the louder the sounds and the more intense the experience is going to be for you.

    So, do the same thing for the people you're describing things to. Make the scene more vivid by making the picture larger, wider, closer, making the sounds clearer, richer, the colors more vibrant.

    There's a big difference between seeing a picture on a small, tiny, black & white screen, than a vivid surround-sound panorama with surround sound stereo. See the point?

    The bottom line is that you need to enhance someone's emotions and imagination as much as you can, because this will make it a whole lot easier to influence and hypnotize them. Just try out the above two things for yourself - you may be pleasantly surprised.

    Want to get more insider secrets to hypnotize anyone you want?

    Just visit Hypnosis Gallery and sign up for the Underground Hypnosis course.

    Cameron Taylor runs Underground Hypnosis . He has extensive experience as a professional hypnotist, and can help guide you in the right direction when it comes to hypnosis products. Visit his site for some of the best hypnosis products you will ever find.


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