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Underground Hypnosis - How To Set Strong Emotional Triggers To Hypnotize Others


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When it comes to hypnosis, knowing how to set emotional triggers is a very useful skill to have (we're talking about one's that are outside the person's conscious awareness). Unfortunately, they can be also difficult to learn, so here is a summary of one of the best ways to do it - through storytelling.

To a certain extent, we're constantly setting triggers in other people and totally unaware of it. After all, remember that a trigger is set when you have the cue action or word at the same time as the peaking of an emotional state, and then the unconscious mind associates those two together, so that there are three things happening at the same time:

1. the emotional state,
2. the actual cue trigger itself, and
3. an association occurring at the unconscious level.

Now, setting an unconscious trigger, one which is outside of normal conscious awareness, is something that you can do in a very straightforward sort of way.

One simple way to do this is to use stories and to set the triggers casually within those stories as though you're gesturing, or by the kind of words that you're using whilst telling your stories. For the moment, rest assured that you can tell a story, and then at the peak of that story you set the trigger.

Then you move onto another story, and just as you see the response coming up in the other person.

It'll be a word, it'll be a gesture, or a certain tone of voice, or a physical touch. It doesn't really matter which of those it is, and it can even be a combination of them. The important thing is that you can recreate that trigger anytime you wish to, because that way you get to fire off the trigger and get the results and state at the end of it.

The beauty of using storytelling in order to access a state in the first place, is that stories have a habit of depotentiating the conscious mind anyway, because we're used to when stories come along we're just suspending our belief and just going along with the flow of things.

The important thing with the story is also that it creates these emotional events for people that you can later on set triggers to.

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